May Favorites

Hey Gang!

  May went by in the blink of an eye, someone needs to get that month a speeding ticket, this is getting ridiculous. 2018 is halfway over, where is the time going?! May was a pretty cool month for me. I got to do some pretty cool stuff. Here’s the favorites of the month. 

- Finally getting to watch Hotel Transylvania. I've been pretty interested in watching this film after I saw the trailer for the second one, and I just happened upon it at Half Price Books, during their 20% off sale, making it $3, there was no way I could pass it up. I brought it home, watched it and fell in love instantly! Mavis is adorable, but I've got to say I'm in love with the fact that Frankenstein mails himself to the hotel, and the mummy definitely doesn't get enough love. 


- Getting to see old friends. My Friend Emily, Drove up to visit family (and see us). We had lunch, went to a comic shop, bought books, and just caught up with each other which is always fun. 


- Falling in love with Splatoon 2. I've been playing Splatoon pretty steadily for the past several weeks. I'm currently level 22 and plateauing quickly, It may be my settings, but I seem to always be killed, and it's almost like I've gotten worse, It's gotten to the point, where I've started playing with different weapons because my splat roller has let me down on several occassions. I also stream it on Twitch, if you wanna join.


- Changing my Gamertag.  For the longest time, my gamertag and names in games, had been spoxie, mostly because 9 out of 10 times, there wasn't room for Spokhette. I've been doing that for about 7 years now, and I wanted a change. I'd been watching Teen Wolf, and I'm finishing up Season 6, and they introduced the dread doctors, and I fell in love. My new name is La Bete, which is French for The Beast, and I just think that's so badass, so there it is, that's my gamertag, and the new link for my twitch! Make sure to add me!

- Getting to shoot twice! This month was pretty awesome, I got to photograph twice which is pretty rare, just because everyone is so busy. I did two fashion shoots, one on a bridge and one in Eden Park, because I am determined to see all of that damn park! 

- I finished knitting a pillow! At the beginning of the year, I talked about this year being a more creative one, so I bought a knitting book and attempted a hat, it was terrible and I was very aggravated. I thought a good way to ease back into knitting (haven't done it in over a year) would be to do a very easy project, I had some scrap yarn I wasn't using or saving for a big project and I decided to make a very simple All Stockinette stitch pillow. It turned out so well, that I made another one for my sister, and my second attempt at the hat isn't an absolute abomination, so I'd say that my plan worked. 


- Falling in love with Battle Chef Brigade. Guys, Battle Chef Brigade is the absolute best. You are Mina, a girl from a small town that wants to be part of the Brigade. That's an army of chefs that battle monsters, take their cut off body parts and then cook them using a 3 by 3 matching system, and whichever chef creates the most appealing dish wins, It's absolutely amazing and addicting and literally, everyone should be playing.


- Being Rini for a day. As much as I love my hair, it's way too much for me to be able to pile on top of my head like usual, so when I halved my ponytails and resembled Chibi Moon, I thought it was pretty cute. 


- I drew quite a few things this month. May was Mermay, and although I didn't keep up with the whole month, I drew quite a few things digitally, and I was super happy with them. I think I did 5 mermaids and The Hex Girls (favorite), all on my Ipad Pro. 


What did you get up to this month? What was your favorite?

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