Spokhette On Youtube #80: Riverdale Season Two SPOILERS!

Hey Gang!

  I know I’m a little late, but I wound up missing an episode or two and had to wait until it was on Netflix in order to catch up. When I finished the season, I had so many feelings that I couldn’t be bothered to try and type them up, I knew they wouldn’t have made any sense, so instead, I recorded them!


 Which is super new for me, I generally don’t talk about my feelings on camera, and I hardly ever do my season reviews on camera, mostly because I never remember, and it’s easier to type up. I filmed this video 8 minutes after finishing the season and it turned out to be 30 minutes, which after editing I was able to bring down to 17 minutes. 

Since this video has me baring my should and feelings, straight off the top of my head, I can NOT guarantee that this post and video doesn’t have spoilers. So please if you haven’t finished the season, don’t watch or read the rest of this post!


   Here are a few of the things I talk about in this video:

- Jughead joining the serpents

- Cheryl becoming more crazy than usual.


- Josie getting more screentime

- Archie being a junior gangster

- Hiram being an actual Mobster

- Toni and Cheryl being together


- Whitewashing the history of Riverdale

- Sisters of Quiet mercy 

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