Comics #34: Nancy Drew #1 Spoiler Free

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  I talk about Nancy Drew all the time, as one of my favorite fictional detectives I am always on the lookout for new material. I've currently been reading through her Case Files Series. so when I found out that Dynamite was giving us a Nancy Drew series written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Jenn St-Onge, I, A knew I had to read it and B, definitely wanted to pick Jenn's brain about the series. You can read that interview here.


  I just finished the review for Issue 2 on Comicosity which went out last Wednesday, so I thought I would write about the first issue here. As soon as I saw the cover in Previews, I knew this was a comic I was going to want to read. Now that I’ve actually read it, I can’t wait to tell you why I was right.

This issue is great at introducing the cast of characters that are going to be in the series. So even if you’ve somehow never heard of Nancy Drew and her friends, you will not be lost in the shuffle. We find Nancy Drew, hanging on a rope, holding onto a goat, I was already hooked.


The art is bright and vibrant without being overtly peppy, which isn’t this Nancy’s vibe.  I think St-Onge did an amazing job of bringing Nancy into a more modern time. I love her style and think it will inspire quite a few cosplays in the future.

The story doesn’t take long to take off like a locomotive, so I was very excited about that. Nancy receives a very ominous anonymous letter made of magazine cut outs on the anniversary of her mother’s death which brings her back to a place, she didn’t think she would visit again.

image (2).png

I give this issue a 10 out of 10, it gave us a bit of backstory, introduced new characters well, and has intrigued me to get the next issue for the rest of the mystery. I can’t wait.

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