Series #55: Cloak and Dagger S1 Ep 1 + 2 Spoilers

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Within the last couple of years, Marvel has done a significant amount of television programs. Some geared for adults, such as the rather dark series they’ve produced for Netflix, but then there are programs programmed for younger audiences, teenagers and up, such as The Runaways, and more recently Cloak and Dagger. 

 I’ve only read one Cloak and Dagger issue and it was really old and not great. I really don’t even remember what it was about. I know the gist of the story, so I went into this series with pretty open eyes. 


  The episodes have quite a bit of flashback quality to them. The story really begins while the main characters, Tyrone and Tilly are children. Tilly’s Father works for Roxxon, a corporation that does...something, and is rather hush hush. He picks her up from ballet practice during a terrible thunderstorm and is distracted by a phone call about one of the oil tankers that Roxxon owns. He’s trying to warn whomever on the phone that if it falls apart it would be catastrophic, as the tanker is literally falling apart in front of him, during the storm he’s hit by a semi, loses control of the car and they careen off the bridge and into the water. 

 Tyrone wanting to help his brother stay tough with his friends, goes behind his back and steals a car radio. He is discovered by his brother and they go to return the radio, suddenly they are caught in Police headlights, and they both begin to run, they end up on the pier, The brother raises his hands, while Tyrone hides and sees the whole thing, and during a thunderclap, one of the officers shoots the brother two times in the chest. He falls over the pier, and Tyrone follows trying to resucitate him, or even pull him up from the sea. 


 Somehow, the children find each other in the water, and whatever they were mining in the tanker, reaches both of them, and Tyrone pulls her out of the water. They awaken on a beach holding each other’s hand. Tilly wakes up, takes Tyrone’s hoodie and runs home.  Tyrone wakes up cold and alone. 

  There are heavy overtones about what every black parents fears for their children. Both children would have experienced death if not for whatever gave them powers. Even though Tyrone witnessed his brothers death, the police chief hid it all and blamed it on drugs, saying Billy had them in his system. It’s obviously a cover up, and drugs? Really, that’s so over done. 


 I think Tandy is very interesting as well, her father trying to do what’s right, and the company blames everything on his after his death. What in the hell was Raxxon developing that would cause them to have powers? I’m particularly fond of the fact that Tyrone’s powers are trying to help him solve who killed his brother, the flashback shows more about that night, and Vice. Officer Connors, killed his brother and asked his uncle to cover it up.

 I was definitely not expecting a catholic tilt to this series. It honestly really annoyed me that everything that Tyrone is feeling is legitimate especially on the court when that player was basically goading him, but everyone around him is telling him to let it go. Why do people of color always have to be the better person, the bigger man, while the ones actually causing the trouble always get away. I HATE THAT. 


  The biggest question I had for the second episode is why in the world is the mom packing heat? She’s hears a noise outside, and she automatically reaches for a gun, and cocks it? What is she expecting to be outside her door? I wonder what the next move is, Tyrone’s powers deposited him right in front of his poisoner, and then dropped him in front of Tandy at the precisely wrong moment. 

 There are six episodes available right now. I’m currently working on the next two. Are you watching? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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