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  I know I literally just posted about television shows I was looking forward to but somehow I forgot about Titans. The Live action series about Teen Titans on DC Universe, the pay to watch streaming service that DC is going to roll out in the next coming months. I was already excited about the show, and wanting to see it, when I saw the trailer was released and I thought what a better time to write about it?


  I was already excited about Titans because it was live action, I was going to get to see my fictional bae on the screen non-animated, which hasn’t happened since 1966. * We’re all ignoring Batman Forever, even though that Robin was pretty cute too.* I’m going to talk about three things I liked, and three things I hope they fix before it airs. 

- I am absolutely in love with the way Starfire looks.  Like everything is perfect, I’m in love with her hair, her eyes, the fact that everything about her glows, literally, I’m so excited to see her in action. 


- That it obviously takes place after Robin’s time with Batman. Which I love, so many people don’t think about Dick Grayson as anything other than the original robin and he’s so much more than that. 

- I love the dark mood that it’s obviously meant to possess. After Teen Titans Go, and the other animated renditions of the titans, I’m ready for something a bit more grown up. 

Here are the things I hope they get fixed before the first episode airs.

 - I didn’t see Cyborg at all... I’m hoping it’s because they’re still putting together the costume and  casting it. I’m really hoping that they don’t leave him out because of the animated films pushing him to the League, he’s an integral member and I really want to see him there. 

- It’s so OBVIOUS that Raven is younger than the rest of the crew... I am not certain exactly how I feel about that, but I wish they’d do something about it... Unless it’s integral to the plot, I feel like she should be the same age as everyone else. 


- I’m a little uneasy about Dick with a gun, but it looks like he’s a detective or police officer in this? I’m hoping the blood on his chin, is from his escrima deflecting others bullets, I don’t know how I feel about him having a gun, especially since his parents were murdered by a mobster, who if I’m not certain, shot the ropes... I’m hoping that perhaps it just looks that way but isn’t for certain, besides it’s Teen Titans, nothing is as it seems. 

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