Comics #36: 10 Superpowers that terrify me.

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  I was actually inspired while watching Ant-Man and the Wasp, to create this post. Everyone talks about super powers that they would like to have, but no one talks about powers that may scare them, or be terrifiying to actually possess. Well here I am to fill in this gap. I’m going to list 10 different powers, why they scare me and what character they belong too, just because I’m a thorough nerd. 

- Rogue (X-Men) Power Siphoning: She is unable to touch with skin to skin contact. If she touches another mutant she gains their powers, if she touches a human, she drains their life. If she accidentally brushes up against someone she could steal years off of their life. That’s absolutely terrifying to me. She wears long sleeve and gloves, but there is always that nagging concern. Also to never be able to have skin to skin contact with someone I cared for, would be really weird to me, and I would find it difficult to do. 


- Ghost (Ant-Man) atomic level shifting: Due to an accident when she was younger, She is unable to keep a corporal form. Which means that occasionally she moves through things, like floors, walls or even people. What if she moved through someone and then became corporal? She’d be severing that person's atoms, that isn’t something they would survive. What if she herself got stuck in a floor or wall or something? On top of which, it seems like shifting is physically painful for her, so she’s in pain every day of her life. That’s not worth the price, no matter what the power is. 


- Cyclops (X-Men) Gamma Eye Beams: Scott has to wear glasses that block his ability so he can open his eyes and go on with his life. If he’s isn’t wearing his glasses, or his eye beam adapter, he is unable to even open his eyes! I’m way too clumsy for that, I knock things off all the time, that could destroy a person, or half of a building if I’m clumsy enough, I just know I am way too clumsy to have that kind of responsibility. To know that if I let my guard down just once, something, or someone I love could be destroyed, that’s too much to bear. 


- Dr. Fate (Justice League) Helmet of Fate:  Albeit, I don’t know much about his powers, but in the episode "Denial"  from Young Justice, Wally has all the knowledge and magic and power he could ever need, but once he put on the helmet and gained it he lost the thing most important, control. He was no longer in control of himself, his movements, even his mind. 


- Mr. Freeze (Batman) Ice powers: Driven to thieving diamonds in order to finance his research to cure his wife, he has a run in with Batman, which results in him gaining his ice powers. He can manipulate and shoot ice through his machinery, but he can’t be outside of his suits, or he dies. He can only exist and function in below 0 degree weather. I for one HATE cold weather, so I would hate this power and the downsides that it represented. 


- Olivia (Peculiar Children) Manipulate air:  Due to the changes in the film from the novel, the person I’m talking about you may no better as Emma. Her body is light as air, and to keep her from floating away completely, she wears these huge claudhoppers that are made out of metal. She can manipulate air, which is a pretty cool skill if you think about it. She could create bubble of air and breathe underwater, or she could capture someone and put them in a bubble. However, this would be terrifying for me at least, because my shoes are always untied, I would literally float until I reached space, and lets not even think about what would happen to my body once I was up there. 


- Toad (Xmen) Actually resembles a toad: As unfair as it was, I always felt like the mutants were split into two. The X-men and the Morlocks, Morlocks being any mutant who didn’t or couldn’t keep a human form. The unpretty mutants. Toad, who literally has a toads tongue, his leaping ability and the craving for flies. I guess it isn’t too terrifying, but I would feel some type of way to just wake up and suddenly have a long green tongue and other frog like attributes. 


- Clayface (Batman) Can morph to resemble someone else: Although being able to resemble someone else would be pretty cool, Mystique has always been one of my favorite mutants, but she has the ability to turn back into herself. Clay face can’t turn back into himself. He just becomes a blob. To always be able to be someone else, and do whatever, would be cool, but to never be your real self, or to see yourself again, that would cause some serious identity issues, that I definitely don’t have the money to fix. 


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