Cinema #40: Ant-Man and The Wasp

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    I literally just came back from seeing Ant-Man and The Wasp. I talk about my feelings about why I think its unfair that they only just now added her to the line up. The wasp is a founding member of the Avengers, along with Hank Pym, but I don’t really hold domestic abusers in high esteem. She should have been the very first person they brought into the MCU. It’s possible that its the feminist in me, but I felt quite some kind of way when they didn’t include her until now. 


  A good portion of the film is devoted to the Wasp. It's probably just red tape that the film is called Ant-Man and the Wasp, but best believe this movie is a Wasp Bonanza. If you felt like me, and was hoping for more wasp, you DEFINITELY came to the right place. 

 The very first thing I thought about this film was, if they are going to try and bring Janet, back they better do it in this film, or I will RIOT! They definitely bring more ants into this film, they're helping to build machines, replace people in a hurry and the only thing I could think about was I hope they're giving those ants Living wages. 


 As much as I love me some Wasp, I had to say that Ava was my favorite character. I was enthralled with her story and her tribulations, she is by far my favorite anti-hero in the Marvel Films. Yes, she didn’t do good things, but she had been exploited from jump, and had to make it the only way she knew how. 

 Another big thing for me in this film was how big of a role Hope had in this film. She might as well have been the title character, we saw Scott and his daughter, but easily 80% of the film was Hope.  She collected the gear, she took care of the bad guys, and she drove the getaway cars. Let's talk about the cars! Shrinking cars? It's absolutely ingenious, and it definitely pushed the car chases up to 11! The Fast and Furious Series could learn a thing or two. 


 I don't want to talk too much about the film, because I'm trying to be better about spoilers, especially since I'm generally seeing films within a week of their release. I want my posts to be a vehicle to fangirl with others, I don't want to ruin anything for anyone. Did you enjoy the film if you've seen it?

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