Series #56: New Game Season 2 SPOILERS

 Hey Gang.

 I finished New Game last night, and the only thing I really have to say is WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO MAKE ME SO FUCKING SAD?! This post contains spoilers for the season, please don’t read any further if you haven’t watched all the episodes. If you are caught up forever, please read beyond the page break so you can feel all the feels with me. 


  Season two brings two new characters into the group. Momijichan the art intern who joins because she’d admired Yagami’s work. She brings along her best friend Narucchi who is a programmer. We also see Sakura return as a debugging hire, instead of a contractor. I was so looking forward to more Sakura and Umiko interaction, but there isn’t much to find in the episodes leading to the end of the season. 

  In this season, they’ve decided on a fantasy game about a little girl who can control stuffed animals to do her bidding, and a character named Peco who has the ability to use different powers, when wearing different animalesque costumes, which by itself would be absolutely adorable, but there are different bosses and ideas created and implemented by different members of the crew which made it even more awesome. 


 I really am sad, that none of these games actually exist, because I would love the chance to play Peco. This anime actually gave me flack for not trying more video games that I’ve come across, and has inspired me to play more, explore more, and write more. No point in staying complacent, when video games and technology is constantly changing around you. 

  This season was very much about the crews interactions with each other. The new girls feeling around for a spot on the team, worrying about whether they are competent enough to stay. Aoba using more of her skill set as she was chosen to be the Character Designer for Peco. We saw her doubt herself, push herself and ultimately rise to the occasion. We also got to see Yun sans, monsters in action which was pretty awesome. 


 Hifumi became the Character Team Leader, which was great because it helped slightly with her people phobia, and got her to open up a little more. I was excited because she’s one of my favorite characters and although she didn’t necessarily talk more, she had a lot more screen time! I really love that she uses the chat messenger to talk to her crew, and make sure things are going according to plan. 

 I really hope there’s another season because two wasn’t enough for me, and the finale made my heart hurt in a way that only another season can fix. The gang completes the game, even after a snafu occurs in which an entire section of code needs to be re-written and debugged. On the pre-release day, Yumiko introduces Aoba onto the stage, so that the press can meet, the hear and brains behind the operation, as she will be leaving and heading to France to work on a new game, and learn from the experience. 


 Yumiko leaving and all of the girls telling her how she made them feel, and how she inspired them, definitely pulled on my heart strings and I definitely cried. It just felt like the end of an era, even though KO was such an important character for the show and the other characters growth and development. This season was definitely all about the teams growth, although they still haven’t grown enough to know when they’ve had too much alcohol. 

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