Finished #1: I've started Knitting again!

 Hey Gang!

  I've been knitting pretty consistently the past couple of months. I've been able to churn out at least one finished product per month which is pretty incredible if you think about it. I came across this pretty awesome yarn shop called Fabrige a couple of days ago and it really inspired me to get back into it. 


  The very first thing I did as part of this new enthusiasm was to get my stash organized and in one spot. I had a laundry basket that had yarn exploding out of it since I moved out of my first apartment over 8 years ago. It was an absolute mess, it had gotten so bad that I just bought new yarn when I wanted to make something because I couldn't be bothered to attack it.

 Now it's several years later, and I've got it tamed to two storage containers, which means I've either gotten quite a few projects finished, or I've lost over half of my collection but lets not think about that, let's just be excited that I know where all my yarn is and can see it clearly which will hopefully inspire me to create more pieces. 


  I'm currently working on The Greenwich Cape which is a Free We Are Knitters pattern! I'm using a huge one pound yarn in Purple, I believe the brand is Carson, but I lost the ball band ages ago. I'm still in the pretty early stages only 40 rows in so far, but I'm liking the way it knits up and the pattern isn't too difficult. 

 I made a resolution to start knitting from a pattern and I'm pretty determined. This is the third pattern I've begun to follow and I haven't had too much issue deciphering what they mean, so perhaps I'm really starting to make some headway. There are so many patterns that I want to create! 


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