Let Me Recommend: Rappers with a sharp tongue.

 Hey Gang!

  I know I don't generally talk about music on here but after a recent rabbit hole visit to Youtube, I figured it would be fun to list a few of my favorite rappers. I have a thing for underground rappers, ones that either don't have a record label contract or ones who do but have the most unique flows and lyrical styles. I'm going to name a few, and post videos to my favorite songs. 

Tablo: Leader and lyricist for Epik High, one of my favorite groups of all time, They're a tattoo coming soon. His flow is just so masterful and he is determined in anything that he takes on. They now run their own label, High Ground. My favorite songs are Fan, Soul, Knocksteady, and Maze. 


Watsky: Has been a staple in the underground Youtube community for as long as I can remember. I enjoy his absolutely witty wordplay and his latest album X infinity is no exception. My current favorite is Exquisite Corpse, but my standby is Difference is the Differences. 


Qveen Herby: Starting out as Karmin, a duo covering songs on Youtube, they got a record label and was effectively cleaned up and rolled out. Fast Forward two years later, they're making music of their own volition and freedom. My favorite is Wifey. Her wordplay is unparalleled.


Logic: Do I even need to write anything about him? His reputation proceeds himself. His determination, his lyrical prowess, and his open mindedness is so refreshing. My first time hearing him was Under Pressure, I'm in love with his verse on Sucker for Pain, and my current favorite is Bounce. His latest album features Neil De Grasse Tyson as...God. What more do you need?


Dumbfoundead: I've been a fan ever since I came across Are We There Yet? A rapper with a lyrical flow like Yoda, it was something I'd never seen before. He started as a battle champion and grew through Swim Team. He produces, and hosts workshops for children in his community. My favorite song is Bullets of Truth, and my current favorite is his verse in Knocksteady and Exquisite Corpse. 


Russell (Known as Pryde): I've been a fan since he was D-Pryde and still doing rap covers. I drove to see him in Columbus once, he was amazing live, and he signed my hat. I still have it hanging on my wall. He's grown so much in those 7 years, and I've loved almost every song he's made since. My current favorite is Feed The Family. 


Raja Kumari: She's amazing. Point Blank Period. Her flow is amazing, she's hardworking and self-made. She's feminist and probably the baddest woman in the game right now. My current favorite is Mute, and I love her playful word wizardry. 


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