Novels #27: Book Haul #8

 Hey Gang!

   I've been reading! I know I don't talk about books on here often, but that's because all of my reviews go on Goodreads. I just am not one for repeating content. I've just recently hit up the library and got a few awesome titles. Here's what I got. 


   I picked up the Black Top Series by Lj Alonge. I haven't read them yet, because I can't figure out which one is supposed to come first, Janae, Toni or Justin. The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia, Batgirl Rebirth Vol. 3, She-Hulk Vol. 1, Batman Brave and the Bold (Bronze Age) Vol.1,  Archie: The New Riverdale Vol. 1, and Jughead Vol 1. 


 I'm currently in the middle of reading Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson and The "New" Teen Titans, by Marv wolfman and George Perez. This is the quintessential Teen Titan series everyone keeps raving about but I'm not seeing it. It's a little dated, so I have to stop and look up references and Beast Boy is a mysoginistic Loser in this. I'm about 1/4 of the way done, and honestly I don't really know how much more I'll be able to stomach. 

  Currently on my Goodreads are three new reviews! Dead and Breakfast, Doom with a View by Kate Kingsbury and This is Our Story by Ashley Elston. 

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