September Comics I'm looking forward to

 Hey Gang!

  It's a new month and with that a whole slew of new comics that I'm going to want to read. Here are a few of the ones I'm looking forward to adding to my pull list. 

- Vampirella and Deja Thoris. Dynamite. 9/26 : The Matchup no one knew they needed. I've never actually read either series by themselves but they've been talked about for years, what better way to start then on a series where they team up? Dejah is risking war by checking out a ship that crashes on Mars, but it's even bigger stakes when it turns out to be Vampirella and she's in danger.


- Maneaters. Image. W:Cain A:Niemczyk. 9/26: Chelsea Cain is back in comics. That's all I needed to know about this series to make the list, because I was absolutely heartbroken when Mockingbird was canceled. In this series, Mutations are turning menstrating women into Wild and Ferocious Cats. Do you really need anything else? I can't wait to read this series!


- Cemetery Beach. Image. W: Ellis A: Howard. 9/12: This series is different from what I normally read but I'm ready for it. The series is about a murderess and a Pathfinder are trying to escape a torture cell on an island on foot, filled with generations of murders and crazy people. 


- Dick Tracy. IDW. W:Allred A: Tommaso. 9/19: I'm a sucker for a mystery comic. I'm hoping since it's going to be updated that I won't have to worry about overt racism, and this series will only bring the best parts of Dick to the table. 


- Moth and Whisper. Aftershock. w:Anderson A:Hickman. 9/12: Meet Nikki a genderqueer teen who is one of the best thieves in the game. Why shouldn't they be, they're only the offspring of the most notorious thieves in this cyberpunk futuristic land. 


What Titles are you Looking Forward too? Let's talk about it on Twitter!

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