September Favorites

Hey Gang!

Can you believe October is here already?! Not that I’m complaining, I’m all about that spooky ness, can’t wait to start wearing costumes to work, putting together costumes for the blog, and just all around Halloween fun. Before we get there though, I have to talk about all the fun stuff I did and loved in the month of September! September wasn’t a bad month, I got quite a few things done even if they weren’t all for the blog.

Going to Renaissance Festival: I’d been to the festival before when I was much younger but I didn’t really enjoy myself. This year I went in costume, and I had a blast! I have just come to the conclusion that I love being in costume, no matter what the situation may be. I got two really pretty necklaces, I saw two different shows which were pretty awesome, and I took pictures, filmed and got caught in the rain.


Keeping up with Outfit Posts: I may not have done any more on the blog itself, but I’ve been pretty consistent with them on Instagram, so I’m going to give myself a pat on my back. For the month of September I’ve almost got 8!


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Trailer: The Trailer dropped this month, and It was everything I was hoping for. I made a video, so I won’t go into too much detail, just know I’m excited and will be doing episode reviews after each premiere.

Huge Book Haul: I brought my youtube back to life, by filming the books I bought in the month of September, I bought more than 15 books in the month, but I only hauled 11. I’ll be showing you the others soon!

Bringing the Youtube back to life: In the Month of September I posted filmed and edited 8 videos and uploaded 4. I’m really proud of how my videos have been looking lately, and I am really liking the new editing. Hope you have to! Don’t forget to subscribe! Shameless Plug!

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