5 DC Heroine's I want in Titans!

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DC has been chugging along with their Titans Series. A full trailer was released a few months ago, and now there are more fleshed out ideas about the pilot, when it will be released, and even character posters. I thought it would be fun to talk about a few DC characters I’m hoping will make an appearance. While putting this together I started thinking about characters that are both older than the titans and also the same age, because everyone needs a mentor. While thinking about that I also started to put together a list of villains that I wanted to see, so keep an eye out for that list as well!

Zatanna: She’s my favorite DC character, of course she was going to make an appearance. I would finally love to see her get the love she deserves in perhaps an arc on the show. They made her a teenager in Young Justice and although they simply dangled her as a love object for Robin, I still think it was a step in the right direction. It showed how powerful she is, and how much more powerful she could be. Although Raven is a witch, Zatanna is a SORCEROR, she’s a lot more powerful than Raven, could help her control her powers more.


Cassandra Cain: Originally a forced assassin, she was actually under Batmans’ wing to become one of the best batgirls that never spoke a single word. She’s mute probably as a coping mechanism against the abuse that she suffered and saw. Cassandra is a master of hand to hand combat and weapons, and with the tutelage of both Barbara and Bruce she would be an absolute asset to any team, especially the titans.


Fire: As one of my favorite characters that really gets no love at all, I had to put her on the list. Literally the last time I think I saw her, was in Justice League Unlimited for three episodes. Her entire body is encased in emerald flame, and she can FLY! Why more people aren’t loving her is beyond me. Sure Starfire, can fly, and shoot green flame,(beams) but Fire is FLAME! So THERE! She’d still be a great asset. I personally would love to see her in more things.


Mera: Hear me out! Being half and half, she is able to breathe on land. She could be the perfect liason between Atlantis and the US. Just like Starfire and Tamaran! She’s powerful, political, and a force to be reckoned with. When I brought this up to the Boy Wonder he said Aquaman’s Wife? This is the notion I want to blow away. Sure she’s married to Aquaman but she’s so much more than that. SHE”S A GODDAMN QUEEN (Literally), She leads an army of Female soldiers against Oceanmaster. She’s had her own Solo run, which is more than can be said than a lot of other heros that are getting love right now. This edition would also round out the team more as you have two weapon masters, two fliers, a changeling, and now someone who can control water.


Vixen: She’s definitely gotten the rub in the past several runs. When I first met her in Justice League: Unlimited, she was awesome but caught in between John and Shayera, and that was it. We got a little bit of her powers and then she was gone, then she had her own mini animated series, and I was like YEAH! and then she had her own one shot and then that was it. I was pretty sad at how it played out. Sure they have a changeling, but Vixen is different from Beast Boy in one very pivotal way. Beastboy can change into the animal, whether he may have the weight of the animal, he may not always have the strength of the animal, where as Vixen’s ability gives her the essence of the animal, which is why I think she deserves a spot on the team. She deserves a chance to show everyone just how powerful she can be.


Honorable Mention: Big Barda: She’s just such a huge bad ass character that gets absolutely no love. She’s a God dude! What more do you need? Immortality, Master of hand to hand combat, that particular lean where she might take it a touch to far, but only for the good of the team, a Mega rod. I mean, she’s a fearless female warrior, and would be great to see in the television show. So why not?


Who would you be on your list? Let’s chat about it on Twitter!

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