Comics I’m looking forward too #5: October

Hey Gang!

Happy October! My favorite month is upon us and what better way to spend a Wednesday then to talk about comics that I’m looking forward too!

Blackbird Image A: Bartel W: Humphries 10/3: I met Jenn at C2E2 2017, and she was so sweet, adorable AND TALENTED! So when I found out that she was going to have a brand new series, I knew I just had to put it on the list. There’s magic, cute boys, and two worlds, I don’t think I needed anymore.


Exorsisters Image A:Lagace W: Boothby 10/17: Two very different but none the less adorable sisters have a business exorcising demons. I didn’t need anything else.


Lodger IDW A + W: Lapham 10/24: A Serial Killer is making his way through the midwest, a girl wants revenge. There’s a mystery to solve, so of course its on my list!


Miss Fury Dynamite W:Tucci A:Kubert 10/3: I’m so excited to see Miss Fury get a new series. If you didn’t know Miss Fury is a really old character, she predates Wonder Woman! She’s a really powerful character, and can hold her own with any other male hero!


Sex Death Revolution Black Mask A:Farrow W: Visaggio 10/31: A coven collapses. A sorceress no longer has protection, and sex in New York, Sounds like a good read to me.


Sparrowhawk Boom A: Basla W: Dawson 10/3: I’m actually reviewing this for Comicosity so keep a look out for that. It’s like a civil war but with Fairies, and the protagonist is brown. Sounds good to me.


Bettie Page Halloween Shot Dynamite A: Ruiz W: Avallone 10/24: I was pretty excited for both stand alones, Bettie Page and Vampirella, but Vampirella is being written By Sc*** Lob**** and I refuse to give that piece of shit my time or my cash.


Umbrella Academy:Hotel Oblivion W: Way A: Ba 10/03’: As a huge fan of My Chemical Romance, and what Way has done with DC’s Young Animal, I had to put this on the list. A continuation of the Umbrella Academy story told in a mini series.


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