Spokhette On Youtube #87: Veronica Mars is Confirmed!

Hey Gang!

So excited about how good I’ve been doing with youtube this week! Last Thursday, Kristen bell confirmed that Veronica Mars would be coming back and I lost my shit! You guys know how much I love Veronica Mars, I legit watched the movie like a week ago for the umpteenth time. So I was so excited about it coming back that I had to do a video!

In the video I talk about the basics, and what we know, and 5 things I wanted to see, BUT right as I uploaded it to youtube, there was an article released with who they’ve been able to book for the revival show! So I’m going to talk about that here as well!

They’ve confirmed that Kristen Bell will reprise her role as Veronica Mars, that it will still be written by Rob Thomas (both a must), but they’ve also brought back Logan, Wallace and WEEVIL! I don’t know if other people feel the same way I do, but I LOVED Weevil when I was watching it through and I’m so excited about him coming back.


One of the things I definitely wanted was the original cast to come back, which it seems will happen, so that’s cool, but I haven’t seen Mac yet. I need to see Mac. While you brought back all the guys in Veronica’s Support Circle, and that’s awesome, but she had girl friends as well, and girl friendship is so important in media. I NEED Them not to forget the awesomeness that made Veronica Mars a classic.

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