Series #58: Shades of Blue Season 1

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  I started a new show a couple of days ago and I just had to tell you guys about it! Shades of Blue isn’t anything I’ve watched before. Of all the police dramas I’ve watched in my lifetime, I have never seen a show that stared nothing but complicit criminals parading as police officers, I’ve never seen vigilantes on a police force, and honestly, I can’t get enough. 


 You follow the 64th prescient in New York, led by LT. Matt Wozniak, a Bisexual devious mind in charge of keeping his crew together and helping them line their pockets performing slightly illegal deeds. The story starts with Woz’s second in command, Harlee being picked up by the FBI while trying to pull another bookie into their money racketeering scheme. 

 This FBI handler, Stahl wants her to turn on her teammates and Woz, whose like a father to her, or she will go to jail. As soon as I saw Stahl, I knew he wasn’t a good guy, and not just because he was on the wrong side of the protagonists. Something about him screamed corrupt and sexual but more on that later. 

 This show is so unique in that it isn’t painting its criminals in a light that makes you think of them differently, this show is very honest in its portrayal of its characters. I think its my favorite part honestly, the mystery isn’t who did it or even how it was done, but more in the mystery of human nature and just what a human being can do once they’ve been pushed far enough. What a person will do to protect themselves, and the ones they love. 


 It’s a unique way to tell a tried and true viewpoint on the human psyche and how it affects their ability to feel, act and deliberate fact from fiction. The second thing I love about this show is how fast paced it is. I was constantly holding my breath and sitting ramrod straight waiting for the next thing to happen, the next person to be betrayed, the next murder to be committed, the next heist to occur. 

 Shades of Blue will keep you on the edge of your chair, and wondering what will happen next with baited breath. It shot out of the gate with the speed of a locomotive and it had no thoughts of even possibly slowing down. The season finale culminated in more than 5 deaths, two FBI informants, $12 million dollars of missing money and one fall guy. I can’t wait to see what happens in season 2!

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