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i’m Catching up on Riverdale and I have thoughts. First things first, It’s hard to believe that all the characters are 16 with what they have to deal with. Rounding up suspects for decade old murders, looking for clues that adults have missed, paying coroners under the table for access to old autopsy reports. Ya’ll know how much I love a good mystery and I am so deep in this show it isn’t even funny.


The writers are definitely fellow fans of mystery and horror. Am I the only one that noticed the Scream Parallel’s? Making Popcorn on the stove. Phone rings. Lights go out. Knocking on the door. With no one there. And Then FP climbing through the bedroom window? It definitely isn’t lost on me that it was FP chosen to make a visit. Especially since he’s just repeating a role he had before.

I’m pretty fed up with Archie. He is just determined to go somewhere off on his own and getting himself in danger, even though he doesn’t need to be. So many people used their time, energy and money to get him exonerated, and to help him get free only for him to turn around and throw sand in their faces. Once Veronica told him he was going to be exonerated, he should have turned his ass around and gone home. Plus, dragging Jughead with him? Away from Betty, right when she needed him? Not flipping Cool Archie.


What is up with Alice and her sense of Illusion? With everything that has happened with the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, how could she even think about them being a safe place for Betty? Here’s a hint, if the way to get in is to be dragged there, perhaps its not a place you want to keep your child. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the way that Quiet Mercy fit into Hiram’s endgame. It was pretty amazingly organized. Sure he’s hell incarnate, but you can’t ever say that he didn’t take something into consideration.

I was so excited to meet Jughead’s mom and sister. We heard so much about them, and I have been excited to see how they were going to come to life. Just throwing it out there, I absolutely need more JellyBean. She’s so capable, and she could be an absolute asset to the battle of wills in Riverdale.


Can we talk about the amount of money and lack of Moral Compass that Hiram actually harbors? He owns an entire town! Single handedly providing drugs to Children, and everyone in between. My first inkling that this was really going to go downhill, was when he mentioned they would build a jail and it would provide jobs that people needed. I’m sure it would, but literally, nothing bad was in Riverdale, until Hiram started pulling strings behind the scenes. Of course he would want to build a prison when he’s the one bringing in the crime!

It’s kind of hard to remember that the crew is literally 16 when you think about the things they’re going through. They’ve stood up to so many things in their small town, its hard to remember that they can’t vote, they can’t go to war, and that they can’t drink liquor. I think it’s an asset to the story line and plot that you can see the crew as a plausible squad of warriors going up against the ultimate evil, to keep their small town as safe as they can once evil has really wormed their way in.


I think that’s my favorite thing about Riverdale. Everyone sees it as a small sweet town, and while the center certainly is gooey, it is surrounded by an evil hardened shell, and while everyone thinks it can be kept safe by taking certain measures, at the end, evil creeps its way in, through the very channels that they were using to keep it safe.

I have had it up to HERE with The Sisters of Quiet Mercy. I thought they were bad, when Polly wanted to leave. I thought they were terrible when they kept Cheryl in conversion therapy, but these last two episodes have just really taken the cake. Allowing Hiram to send his drugs through the asylum to be used on broken children is really just over the top, and absolutely sick.

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Also the bombshell that G & G was created and used in S.O.Q.M. blew my mind! How does it leave the asylum and become mainstream? Bettie becoming the Gryphon Queen?! DUDE, it was everything! I know they were trying to wrap up a few questions, but it only left me with more questions. Hows it get out? Who brought it out? Is Hiram the Gargoyle King? Did He murder everyone? Are the Legion of Doom, actually connected to the game from all the years ago? GAH!

There are so many moving pieces in this show, it’s kind of hard to keep up. I am so in love with the struggle though! I really enjoy foreign mysteries because they generally have double the layers of an American mystery any day, but Riverdale is really giving me a run for that thought.

Whats next for Riverdale? Are you going to watch on the 16th? Let’s Fangirl about it on Twitter!

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