Series 69: Re-watching Lincoln Heights

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When I was younger, Lincoln Heights was one of my favorite series! I loved it! I loved the proud Black family that filled up the screen and reminded me of my own. I loved the drama that they had to deal with, and since I ruined my chance to actually go to high school, it was a great way to be there vicariously. Now I’m an adult, 27, to my 17, (HOLY CRAP !0 YEARS!) and I thought it would be a perfect time to re-watch the series, and see if anything changed how I felt about it.


Lincoln Heights follows the Sutton Family. Eddie, Father and Police officer for LHPD, Jennifer, An amazing Nurse Practicioner, Cassie, High School Student and Artist, Lizzie, Socially Concious Middle Schooler, and the Youngest, Tay, Also in Middle School and a budding Musician. They were sharing a two bed room apartment, until The Lincoln Heights Police Department did a drug bust in a house, and then put the house up for sale. Apparently, there was a program that allows officers to buy houses in Dangerous parts of town, for half market value to give the sense of community. You patrol here and you live here as well kind of vibe.


Lincoln Heights ran for four seasons, although off the top of my head, I can’t remember anything about the last season, and I’m not sure if I actually watched it or not, so i’m excited to get the opportunity to rewatch the series. This will be in two parts: One post will have thoughts from Seasons 1 - 3 and then the next post will have season 4.

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