Series #67: All American: Last three Episodes Thoughts

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I’m all about tv lately. I finished up Riverdale yesterday, and now I’m on the last episode of All-American. I haven’t talked about it on the blog before. All-American follows a teenaged football player from Crenshaw that gets the incredible opportunity to play for the Beverly Hils team. He gets the opportunity of a lifetime to make something more of himself, and this show deals with his trials, tribulations and the fact that he has to reconcile that his life will be split in half.


On the surface, another teen drama, but I love how real it is. I love watching the characters deal with all of their personal issues. The character development is so good, you really feel for the characters and their tangled personal relationships. You want them to win. You want them to succeed. You want them to go for that guy, you want your ship to exist. You want Coop to be accepted. You want Shawn to get off his ass, and do something on the more legal side not only for his daughter but for himself.

One of my favorite things about this show is that there isn’t that uncomfortable us vs. them mentality. At least not for very long. It is a running them with everyone else in the show but the main cast of characters are learning to move past that and work through their issues. Eventually everyone will be on the same side. I think the more fascinating aspect of the whole situation is watching them deal with how they will be better than those that came before them.


These last three episodes was an absolute Doozy. I was not prepared. My heart was not prepared. The heartbreak, the reemergence of alliances long thought forgotten. The loss of life. I think my favorite character so far has to be Coop. Watching her deal with her own sexuality and how it fits into her life and the life of her family. Her given and her chosen. I love her speeches. She cares so much for so many people and all she wants to do is see them be happy. To see them live up to their potential. She makes me want to get my own shit together. Plus her Sexuality isn’t her entire character. It is but an aspect to her very well rounded character, which is hard to find on television.

I just want to know what’s going to happen next? Will Olivia and Chris get together? Will Spencer and Leila ever be a real item? Will Coop ever recover from Shawn? What will happen to Maya? What are the next steps? Can Asher be forgiven? Will he be allowed back on the team? I don’t understand how he can be trusted after this particular betrayal. Now who tipped off the committee? When Jordan said he would be positive? BABY WHAT IS YOU DOIN’? Baker switching out the urine??? WHAT ARE WE DOING? I definitely thought Baker was his dad, but now it looks like he paid/blackmailed his dad to be out of the picture…


So many questions until the next episode this year.

What questions do you have for All-American? What do you think is next? Let’s fangirl on Twitter about it!

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