Series #68: The Bold Type: Betsy Thoughts

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I know I’ve talked about The Bold Type on here before. I thoroughly enjoy their feminist views and how the crew of main characters are trying to upgrade and push Scarlet into a future that many didn’t see coming. I wrote a pretty thorough post about my season one thoughts, and as much I definitely love watching this show I have something to say about Season 2.


In the episode Betsy, Jane discovers that Sutton has a shotgun named Betsy that she keeps in the apartment. Betsy is in pieces, in a locked case, and unloaded. Yet Jane has some serious things to say about Sutton and her guns. While I am definitely not the person you would come to for the defense of guns or their owners, however I just can not get with Jane and the way she handled the situation.

While you can’t say with a straight face that guns are safe. You can say that while guns are weapons that generally they are handled by people who know what they are doing and are licensed in their state. While I, personally am uncomfortable around people in a setting where its legal to open carry like Kentucky. I also understand that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.


Literally you can use anything within your eyes view to kill someone. While I am not a fan of guns, and don’t want to be around them, I am not going to demand that my absolute best friend get rid of her absolutely safe, un-put together shot gun, in its locked case that only she knows the combination too, and I think it’s unfair that Jane did that without even attempting to think about how Sutton would feel in her place.

I am also angry at the writers for taking such an easy and passe’ way about rectifying the situation. Jane is a writer, what better way to air her grievances than through an article? An article needs to be researched. I thought it was interesting that even though Jocelyn which is usually the voice of reason for Jane, told her that it is very one sided and seems very much like a rant, they still decided to end the episode with Sutton getting rid of her gun.


That just didn’t sit well with me. The show does such a good job of handling delicate situations and making you think about it as if you were in there shoes, they really dropped the ball on this episode.

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