Handheld Mistress #44: Finishing Pokemon Sun

Hey Gang!

Long time no see. I’m about to admit something that only few people know. Are you ready? Come Close. As mush as I enjoy Pokemon and the large space that it takes in my life, and activities. I have not actually completed a Pokemon RPG before. I’ve played everything but Diamond and Pearl, but never to completion. The farthest I had ever gotten was the Elite Four in Fire Red. I never defeated them.


I’d taken a small break from Pokemon Sun over the last year or so, and honestly I couldn’t remember why, it might have been that upgrading from the 3DS to the Switch, was just so great because of the screen that I didn’t want to go back. Since I’ve had plenty of un-prescribed free time, I had been wanting to get back into Pokemon.

I hadn’t realized how close to the end I was when I stopped! About two game play hours later, I had finished it! It was a weird graduation. First it was the last Trial, and then it was defeating the elite Four and then the Pokemon Professor, Kukui, which I had to do twice because I was ill prepared, to facing Tapu Koko! Unfortunately I didn’t catch him, but I did catch Solgaleo, my first caught legendary!


It was the first time I just kind of flowed through the game play, I wasn’t confused about where to go next, and I wasn’t lost, wasting valuable time getting turned around in a forest. I tried to film as much as possible towards the end, if you’re interested in watching. I was kind of surprised it was over. I was expecting a bit more story after Tapu Koko, but once I saw the festival going on for a while, I knew it was coming to an end. I loved the credits, but I wish there had been a bit more story. Since I finished it, all thats left is to catch the pokemon I missed on my journey, grind their levels, battle and trade online. I’m excited to go back through the cities and discovered everything I missed.


Now that it’s finished, I’m not sure if I should get Ultra Sun, or if I should move on to Let’s Go: Pikachu or Eevee. I’m also having a pretty difficult time choosing between Eevee and Pikachu, Will I be able to get an Alolan Raichu? if not that I’ll probably go with an Eevee. Ugh, I just have all the questions.

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