Adventures with Spokhette #29: Hamilton

Hey Gang!

This won’t be the first time I talk about Hamilton, and honestly it probably won’t be the last. I discovered the Soundtrack on Youtube Two years ago and from then on I’ve been hooked. I know all the words to the soundtrack, have listened to the mixtape, and have learned several of the Hamildrops. Lin Manuel Miranda has created a masterpiece that will continue to inspire and invigorate generations long after has left us. He already has his legacy.


The reason I’m talking about it today, would be because I had the amazing opportunity to actually go see it in person. I’ve seen many ballets and shows in Cincinnati. Many of them in the Aronoff. I’ve even had recitals in their hallowed halls, but when I say I have NEVER SEEN A SOLD OUT SHOW like I did tonight would be an understatement. Every seat was filled, and the feeling of actually experiencing Hamilton can not be quantified.


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