Finished #5: Work In Progress #2

Hey Gang!

It’s a brand new year, and I wanted to start it up with a new knitting project. I finished out last year knitting from patterns that were classified as novice. This year, I had decided that I wanted to not only keep learning how to read more difficult patterns, but also working my way through my yarn stash. I’m currently making my way through TwoofWands Lemon Drop Sweater. I fell in love as soon as I saw the pattern on Ravelry, and started working on it a couple of days later, because the pattern calls for 5 balls of Category 3 yarn. I didn’t have any that equaled that yardage, and be all the same color.

So I went with a variated yarn Bernat Pop in Lipstick on Your Collar, and I’m still on the bodice and have run out of that ball, so I went to a light pink yarn that was in my stash, I have no Idea where it came from, and I’ll finish the bodice with another ball of white yarn, also from my stash, and then I’ll figure out the color for the sleeves when we get there.


I’ve made some decent progress since this video. I’m on row 51 and working my way through. The pattern is pretty simple, all Stockinette with a few rows of yarn overs. Once I learned how to do that type of stitches, it was pretty much a breeze. Knitting calms me so, and with the last couple of weeks I had I could definitely use the break.

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Octoween #7: THE END.

Hey Gang! I know Halloween has been over for a week, but I still have a few costumes to talk about.

Winnie The Pooh: I literally woke up Saturday morning and was like… I COULD BE WINNIE THE POOH! So at 9 am I headed out to my nearest Michael’s to pick up a red t-shirt because I don’t actually own one, and yellow felt for his ears. I cut the collar off the t- shirt because I really enjoy off the shoulder looks, I paired it with Red varsity socks, and a yellow skirt I already owned.


Tigger: I was on a high from how adorable my Pooh costume was, and thought I would continue 100 Acre wood costumes, until I woke up from a double and looked not cute at all. I literally only have one photo of this costume because I wasn’t really feeling it and I was freezing at work, so I spent most of the day in my Audre Sweatshirt. I got a keyhole orange top from target (also didn’t own one for some reason) wore it with leggings. I made the ears with orange and pink felt, and made the stripes with a sharpie.


Utena Tendou: I came across the dress on etsy and had to have it, and then when I was putting together costumes for work, the idea to do something Utena-adjacent popped into my head and I could’t Let it go. It’s not necessarily her full look because she’s always wearing shorts and her school uniform and that was something I couldn’t get away with at work, but I was pretty proud of my attempt. It’s a cotton candy wig, I actually purchased for an Anne Wheeler costume that I never put together, and the god killer sword I got from Walmart. None of the people I saw during the day recognized who I was supposed to be. I think I get hipster points for being an anime character no one recognizes right?


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Octoween #6: Alice In Wonderland

Hey Gang!

Friday, I was able to read over the regulations of costumes for work, so I could be better prepared for Halloween week. I decided to go the Disney Route and do Alice in Wonderland! I took the costume that I originally had for Fred, and I’m glad I did, because it fits so perfectly for Alice. I think it would be better to use jeans, when doing Fred next time.


This costume consists of A Blue Skirt with Braces from Amazon, a White bodysuit from Rue 21, Blond wig from Amazon, and a Aquamarine bow from Charlotte Rouse.


I thought it was very weird, that someone thought I was Cinderella, but going through the pictures, if I had a bun, and no ribbon, it would possibly be seen. I think it’s so hilarious how many people have gotten my costumes wrong, even though they’re super recognizable characters.


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Octoween #5: Bubblegum Witch

Hey Gang!

Thursday, started Halloween week at my jobs, so I started to put together even more costumes, and because I was working, time kind of got away from me. I wasn’t necessarily sure what I could get away with at my job because its business casual. So i played it safe and wore a pink dress, and dressed up as a witch!


Once I started wearing the costume however, I realized with some tweaking, that I could definitely turn it into pinkie pie at a later date, which is awesome! Despite how much fun you may be having it can always be ruined by an asshole, so keep you creative spirit high, and laugh in their face later! During my day of wearing this costume, I had someone say to my face “ GOD! I hope that isn’t your real hair!” I smiled and looked at her and replied, OH GOODNESS, What A lovely CRONE Costume you’re wearing today! Glad to see people in the spirit.” and walked away.


Halloween is my favorite time of the year and society deems it acceptable to only wear costumes during this one time of the year, so I refuse to let anyone ruin my fun!


This costume consists of a pink long sleeved dress from Rue 21, a witches hat from Michaels and a wig I got on sale after Halloween last year from Walmart.


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Octoween #4: PowerGirl

Hey Gang!

I was so excited when I actually was able to put Powergirl together! I will have some better pictures soon, but I thought this was cute so I decided to write about it! I know its not a bob, but I honestly think it looks cuter this way.


This Costume is just a bodysuit from Rue 21, a red cape from Amazon, and the Blond wig from Apple Jack.


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Octoween #3: Apple Jack

Hey Gang!

Apple Jack is my favorite My Little Pony Character, so when the opportunity came to put a costume together resembling her, I knew I had to do it. I thought it would be cute to do the bodysuit route because the dresses didn’t really feel right to me.


This costume consists of a backless bodysuit from Amazon, cowboy hat also from Amazon, The same blond wig from Ms. Marvel and my flannel top is from Rue 21.


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