All Black Haul

Hey Gang!

I finally started a new job about a month ago, and it needs a certain kind of attire. As moody as I may appear online, I don’t actually own a lot of all black clothing. So once I got paid, I decided to change that. Here’s some all black staples that I picked up from Amazon, that have helped me fill out my wardrobe for my position.


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OOTD #2: A Stroll Through the Park

Hey Gang!

I’ve been wandering around the city on my off days in search of awesome news places to have my photography sessions. It was the first time in a while I had taken some selfies of myself and outfit posts, so I couldn’t wait to share them with you. I wandered around Mt. Storm Park, and was not disappointed.


Dress: Hot Topic | Sweater: Sourpuss Clothing | Glasses: Hot Topic


Although the park is absolutely mesmerizing, my absolute favorite part of the park is the Gazebo. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to shoot something muse related there. The pillars automatically had me thinking about the muses and the Hercules soundtrack.


I came across an abandoned building that was nothing but mirrors on the outside. I was so enthralled by it, I took several photos trying to put together a decent selfie. I honestly can’t wait to photograph someone in it, it’s almost like a hall of mirrors!


I also had the opportunity to check out a film in a Dolby theater, and it was absolutely amazing. I’d never been in a theater like that before and it was so freaking beautiful. I went back after the film to take picture and video of the inside, I was that impressed.


With the sun out, and the outdoors becoming more inviting, I have a feeling that outfit of the day posts will definitely be back in rotation.

What’s your favorite outfit of the year so far? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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Adventures with Spokhette #28: Back To Back Concerts

Hey Gang!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kind of posts. A while ago, I had decided that they would do better on my photography site, but now I’m wondering why I thought that would be a good idea. I love music, I listen to all kinds, but I’ve never been one for concerts. I’m not a fan of being surrounded by people that I don’t know and I couldn’t be bothered to spend money on the tickets.

Top: Rue 21 and Black Jeans from walmart.

Top: Rue 21 and Black Jeans from walmart.

For some reason 2019 has changed this philosophy. I have three scheduled concerts to attend this year, so far, and I’ve already gone to two of them. In January, I went to US Bank Arena to see Panic At The Disco, which was absolutely mind blowing. I spent a pretty penny on tickets, but I was really surprised about how good the seats were! Not that it really mattered, once Brendon took the stage, literally no one sat back down, I stood for practically three hours making myself hoarse, by screaming out the lyrics. I went with my friend Sarah, and we had an absolute blast. I had no idea who the opening acts were, but they were getting down!


Last week, I went to go see Watsky at Bogarts and while the tickets were WAY more affordable, the parking was absolute shit. It was general admission, so I spent a good half of the show trying to get somewhere where I could see the full length of the stage. I wish I had been smarter and stood on the sides, those were the perfect vantage spots. I hadn’t heard of his opening acts, but I thoroughly enjoyed them! I went to this concert by myself because no one had any idea who I was going to go see, but they missed one hell of a concert. I’ve never been somewhere that allowed crowd surfing before, and it was as cool as it sounded.

White Tie Off Top from Rue 21 and Jeans from Walmart

White Tie Off Top from Rue 21 and Jeans from Walmart

I’ve really enjoyed the experiences, and I’ve started looking into more concerts in my area. In May, I’m going to see The 1975 and I’m so so excited! I decided that I was going to be more adventurous in 2019, and I’m glad to see myself keeping up with that promise to myself. I’m also just super excited to see how many concerts that I actually enjoy the headliner I can find in my hometown, the best part of these three concerts is that I don’t have to travel far, or worry about parking/hotel costs, which allow me to go to even more than normal because they aren’t a huge financial struggle.


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Octoween #6: Alice In Wonderland

Hey Gang!

Friday, I was able to read over the regulations of costumes for work, so I could be better prepared for Halloween week. I decided to go the Disney Route and do Alice in Wonderland! I took the costume that I originally had for Fred, and I’m glad I did, because it fits so perfectly for Alice. I think it would be better to use jeans, when doing Fred next time.


This costume consists of A Blue Skirt with Braces from Amazon, a White bodysuit from Rue 21, Blond wig from Amazon, and a Aquamarine bow from Charlotte Rouse.


I thought it was very weird, that someone thought I was Cinderella, but going through the pictures, if I had a bun, and no ribbon, it would possibly be seen. I think it’s so hilarious how many people have gotten my costumes wrong, even though they’re super recognizable characters.


Are you dressing up this month? Let’s talk about it on twitter!

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Octoween #5: Bubblegum Witch

Hey Gang!

Thursday, started Halloween week at my jobs, so I started to put together even more costumes, and because I was working, time kind of got away from me. I wasn’t necessarily sure what I could get away with at my job because its business casual. So i played it safe and wore a pink dress, and dressed up as a witch!


Once I started wearing the costume however, I realized with some tweaking, that I could definitely turn it into pinkie pie at a later date, which is awesome! Despite how much fun you may be having it can always be ruined by an asshole, so keep you creative spirit high, and laugh in their face later! During my day of wearing this costume, I had someone say to my face “ GOD! I hope that isn’t your real hair!” I smiled and looked at her and replied, OH GOODNESS, What A lovely CRONE Costume you’re wearing today! Glad to see people in the spirit.” and walked away.


Halloween is my favorite time of the year and society deems it acceptable to only wear costumes during this one time of the year, so I refuse to let anyone ruin my fun!


This costume consists of a pink long sleeved dress from Rue 21, a witches hat from Michaels and a wig I got on sale after Halloween last year from Walmart.


Are you dressing up this month? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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Octoween #4: PowerGirl

Hey Gang!

I was so excited when I actually was able to put Powergirl together! I will have some better pictures soon, but I thought this was cute so I decided to write about it! I know its not a bob, but I honestly think it looks cuter this way.


This Costume is just a bodysuit from Rue 21, a red cape from Amazon, and the Blond wig from Apple Jack.


Are you dressing up this month? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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