Series #63: Legacies: First Thoughts

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better way to spend my new found free time than to catch up on television? Enter, Legacies. The continuation of the fictional supernatural phenomenon that was Vampire Diaries.

I was around for the original. I can still remember grabbing all of L.J. Smith’s Novels from my locals library and reading them late into the night. When I saw CW was going to make it into a tv show, I thought hmm, that could be good. 7 seasons later my shattered emotions just couldn’t take anymore. That show was a roller coaster on my already fragile feelings for fictional characters. I didn’t even finish the show, I finished the novels, but when books become television programs its pretty rare that they completely follow the source material.


Legacies pickes up years later, I assume, after Alaric has turned the Salvatore home/college into a school for the supernatural. A school where there’s plenty of witches, werewolves and vampires are taught to control their abilities, and to be set out in the real world where they can become who and what they want to be. I was all for it, until I watched the pilot.

In Vampire Diaries, Alaric was always the one anyone could depend on. Taking In Elena and Jeremy when their Aunt passed, continuing to help with supernatural quests and to protect her ever growing family of humans and all matter of creatures in between. He was the vault of information and if he didn’t know the answer than he knew how to get it.


In these two episodes we are visited by three supernatural creatures, but one just doesn’t know it yet. I’m glad that they kept all origin stories and weaknesses the same for the supernatural creatures in this show. Vampire Diaries was one of the only shows to get the lore right, no need to go softening or retconning anything for a younger set with Legacies.

I think I’ll keep watching to see where it goes, I’ll give it a full season, which is a lot more than I give other shows, but its from the same producers as Vampire Diaries, it has Alaric and it isn’t shitting too hard on tradition. I think it deserves an entire season before people can comment on its potential.


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Series #62: Riverdale: As Above So Below Thoughts (Spoilers)

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October and getting those costumes out in a timely fashion really took it out of me. By the time Halloween actually rolled around, I couldn’t even be bothered to actually dress up for Halloween. I handed out candy with my hair in a bun, wearing sweatpants. I just needed a break, and that’s what the last few days of last week was. It feels good to be back, so let’s talk some Riverdale.


The amount of times I said Holy shit during this television program just keeps increasing with every episode! I want to talk about everything, I think it should be pretty obvious by now that these contain spoilers.

Ok, so Ethel is pretty much the only member left playing Gargolyes and Griffins, or G&G and it has been nicknamed, and she had a siezure, just like Betty when she saw the floating twins. She thinks that Edgar Evernever and can we talk about how every main character that isn’t an adult has an alliteration for a name? Is controlling the seizures and how the game is played and who it’s played by.


Take into account that the parents have also played the game, who was in charge of it then? Still Evernever? I mean the parents are what in their 40’s? Early 50’s? That would have to make Evernever at least Hella Old, or something ungodly. Unless someone was running it before him? How old is the Farm? Is it something that’s passed down, like how it appears to be working betweeen Edgar and Evelyn? Trying to get it into the High School?

Let’s talk about the Speakeasy. La Bonne Nuit. I don’t drink, and I don’t plan too, but I have always wanted to spend my nights in a speak easy. The glimmer of a time long past, where everyone and everything is illicit, it’s an alluring thought. La Bonne Nuit is no exception. With Josephine as it’s residennt songstress and Kevin as it’s Emcee, it’s definitely a step in the past, in one of the best ways possible. Although, singing Anything goes, and not dressing like Josephine Baker is a severe oversight in my opinion. It’s beautiful, a work of art, and if Hiram has anything to say about it, it will become dangerous.


Veronica gets a visit from Penny, and then a delivery of Jingle Jangle, right before a surprise inspection by Sherriff Minetta, both of Whom are on Hiram’s team. They clear it all out, before opening night, but I would be weary Veronica, your father doesn’t play fair, and I don’t think you should either. Three things popped into my head after that scene. What exactly happened to all of that Jingle Jangle? What did Reggie do? Open them all and pour them down the drain? Hide them in the cabinets?

There wasn’t proper time to dispose of them all, What did Hiram actually expect to go one once Minetta found the Jingle Jangle? That they would shut down, it’s a speak easy, why wouldn’t they just reopen illegally and actually live up to their namesake? Also, when he delivered Veronica’s Portrait? I would have that swept for bugs. Would that not be the perfect way to keep an eye on your daughter?


Now, I would say for the kicker, but we haven’t even talked about Jughead playing G&G yet, so let’s cut across to Archie in Jail Hell. The only advice Mad Dog had given him was DON’t GET TAPPED, and what do you do Archie? You get tapped?! Also, I need to know what happened to Mad Dog. Although an illegal fighting ring, is pretty bad, that wasn’t nearly as dark as I thought they were going to go with it.

I was thinking inappropriate touching, perhaps a sex Slave situation, while I am happy that Mad Dog was saved from that horrible situation, it doesn’t mean the situation he had was any better. After winning two battles, Archie is given some perks of his new position and Mad Dog’s Hand me downs. Which include a small rock hammer.


Perhaps it’s just me but Archie is just too trusting. TOO TRUSTING! You don’t know those other guys, they could be just as new as you. What if they tell the Warden? What if they’re waiting for you at the end of the tunnel with Machine Guns? You’ll be dead and all that hard work, all that effort to get back to Veronica, get back to your old life? Gone, dead. Useless. I love that Archie cares about all, but he’s got to be smarter! Also, talking to a figment of his father? I’m glad it gave him the advice he needed but that definitely isn’t something that’s going to go away anytime soon.

Now let’s talk about Jughead delving into the world of G & G. I knew some fuck shit was going to happen as soon as Ethyl says only Jughead can come play the game. What I wasn’t expecting was what I found. Neither apparently was Jughead. Having to kiss Princess Etheline to get the rule book? Then when FP burned it? I knew there was more to this then they were letting on, and then when Jughead walked into the school and saw that every kid had a players manuel?! OH MAN! The perfect way to finish an episode. I’ve been itching to watch the next one!


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#Series 62: Riverdale: Fortune and Men’s Eyes Thoughts

Hey Gang!

Yeah, I’m back with another episode thought post. Two weeks in a row, lets see how long I can keep this up. Riverdale never ceases to amaze me. Originally, I’d never read the Riverdale comic, I had started with Chilling adventures of Sabrina and thought its written by the same people this should be good. I went in thinking it was going to be a more mature version of the Archie Wierd Mysteries which I had enjoyed when I was younger.

The first two seasons definitely had mysteries to solve, but none of them had a supernatural tilt. They are changing all of this in season three. I want to preface the rest of this article by saying I’m going to be talking about what I think is going on which will probably lead to some spoilers, if you haven’t seen the first two episodes of Season three, I suggest avoiding both of my Riverdale posts until you are caught up.



Episode one ended with Betty having a seizure, after witnessing what she thought was her mother and sister tossing her nieces in the fire, and them flying. I probably would have had one too because for a town with no supernatural tilt, that’s definitely not something you are going to see every day. However in episode two, they play it off as a trick of the light and a cookout.


But now, Dilton is dead, Ben is in a coma, there is a missing scout, and Ethel is leaving weird voodoo looking talismans in hospital rooms for protection. Everything seems to be coming back to Gargoyles and Gryphons and it’s diety the Gargoyle King. Princess Etheline lets them know that Dilton has his own underground bunker in the woods and how they’ve been playing the game in there.

Ethel says she’ll lead them to the bunker, but instead Betty and Jughead are met by the Gargoyle King himself, who isn’t very fast mind you. Which lends me to believe, A. It’s a student, or B. It’s An old man. Either way, it isn’t supernatural, which is kind of disappointing, but the end of the episode kind of has me leaning towards a pact that has to deal with the game.


My suspicions are confirmed by the ending scene. My main concern with this episode is that it introduces Archie’s Cellmate, Mad Dog, literally the third black male character with lines appears, and I really want him to take Archie under his wing, and help him to survive his time in the big pen. But thats not what happened, Mad Dog appeared, Mad Dog gave cryptic advice, Mad Dog backed Archie when he wanted to have a football game in the yard, and then Mad Dog disappeared, along with all of his stuff and then the Guard tells Archie he died in the “riot”. The riot he wasn’t even part of because he was pulled out just before by the warden.

So what does it mean to be tapped? What exactly does the Warden have in mind for Archie or his predecessor Mad Dog? Isolated, Alone, told when to come and leave, a lot of this is pointing to a lot of things much darker than a suicide pact made decades ago. I need them to really dig deep into Mad Dog’s disappearance, in the next episode, or Archie’s football game won’t be the only riot they’ll see this season.


What did you think of this episode? let’s exchange theories on Twitter!

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Series #61: Charmed is Feminist, Witty and Biting.

Hey Gang!

I just finished watching the pilot of the Charmed reboot. I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch it because I wasn’t much into the original. I loved witches, and it was out at a time when I could have understood it, but it also came at a time, when I was tired of only seeing white women on the screen. It came at a time, where you could the amount of minorities shown on the television screen on one hand across a vast amount of television programs, so I decided to fuel my supernatural need elsewhere.


When I heard that there was going to be a reboot, I thought, eh, they’re just rebooting everything, and it would be more of the same. I have never been so happy to be wrong. The Charmed reboot, is vicious, powerful and timely. It is everything a young woman of color needs in a time, when they are not believed, not fought for, and called everything but their god-given name.

The pilot follows Marisol and her two daughters, Mel and Maggie as they live pretty normal college lives. Maggie wants to rush a sorority, and her woman studies professor mother, and feminist teaching assistant sister want otherwise. The first thing that grabbed me immediately was how open this show is. Within five minutes, Mel is shown to be in a relationship with a woman, Niko, A sorority is seen with more than 5 minorities, and their mother is a Woman Studies Professor!

That night both girls are out in different places, when they receive a desperate text from their mother to come home. When they arrive their mother is dead, fallen from the attic window. What they didn’t know is that their mother is a witch, and something was after her, and soon to be known to them, her three children.


Then we meet Macy, a scientist who has just received a grant to study at the university the girls go to, and she stops dead (metaphorically) as she passes the girls house. Turns out She’s her long lost sister, I really want to know what happened, and why she was alone most of her life but I’m sure that will come in time.

At the university, a professor is accused of Sexual assault, and because the victim is in a coma, is released, “exonarated” and allowed to return to teach. With their mothers death, no longer in a relationship with Niko, and her general anger at the hypocrisy of it all, Mel has taken to putting up protest flyers, when she meets a man, the term used extremely loosely, who tries to to tell her that the victim was unstable, added some things about her mother, and was presented with a punch in the nose.

Mel is the only one who thinks her mother has been murdered until all three sisters come together to realize, that their witches, with the help of their whitelighter, Harry. Harry has arrived to tell them three things. Yes, your mother was murdered. Yes, this is the beginning of the apocalypse. and they have 48 hours to decide if they want to accept their witchy fate.


I think my favorite part of the pilot can be split between three pivotal moments. One, when Harry begins explaining the three parts of the Apocalypse. Part one, “When the Weakest of men reaches ill gotten glory.” I.E. The white house situation, I refuse to mention his name, or accept the fact that he has a position he has no business being in.

Two, when even after being presented with powers, that wouldn’t normally be able to be explained, Macy is determined to find science in magic, which I love. I love that their bringing something tangible to the show, with science as her guide, whatever they experience, can be sort of explained, which means it can be relatable.


Three, When the Sisters defeat the villain, and the timely not all men protester survives, Mel tells Harry not to erase his memories, not to absolve him of having seen something so terrifying. She tell him to leave it, let it fester, because no one would believe him, even though he has four witnesses, that its too unlikely a story to have actually occured. Turning rape culture on its head in a paragraph.

In 2018, I made a vow to watch more television and films with people of color in it. I was tired of watching shows dominated by societies vision of what it should be. I’m so excited to be able to bring Charmed into my list. With its wit, Feminist driving plot, and witchy girl power antics, I can’t wait for next sunday.

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Series #60: Riverdale Season 3 Pilot Thoughts

Hey Gang!

With Halloween on its way, all of the spooky shows we know and love are making their way back to our television screens and I can’t wait to start talking about what I thought of them. With the season finale of Riverdale, ending with Archie being arrested for murder, I couldn’t wait for the next season to see what in the hell they were going to pull next.


So while we were away for half a year, only a summer has passed for Archie and his pals, and they didn’t spend it the way they would like. They’ve spent the last summer helping Archie fight his court case, mom has come in from Chicago to be his attorney, and Betty Has been a legal aide for Mary and Josie’s mother, Sierra.

Jughead has been sending out scouts keeping an eye on whatever the Ghoulies are up to in Southside, under their new leader, Penny. During the Riot, the serpents lost track of Hot Dog, and then he was spotted, chained up to the Ghoulies territory. Penny decides that since the Serpents are in the Northside, that they shouldn’t wear the jackets anymore.


On the day that the jury has made their decision, Doiley comes to visit Jughead, to tell him about the Gargoyle King. The jury lets us know that their hung, they can’t decide whether or not Archie did it. Without a decision from the jury its a mistrial, giving them the proper time to find the evidence to save Archie.

Despite the growth that literally every other character has gone through during the summer, Archie hasn’t learned shit. He still sacrifices way too much, for way to little. He decides that even though his mothers literal job is to be a lawyer, that he’s put them through too much and can’t do it again, even though he’s ignoring legal counsel, and decides to take a deal that would put him in the juvenile detention center for manslaughter.


Coming home to deal with the faullout, Jughead finds that Doyle is gone but in his place is a Dungeon Masters map, one that looks just like Riverdale. He follows it to the Fox Forest, where he find a humongous statue built out of bones of the Gargoyle king and underneath it? Two boys in their underwear, backs bloody from carvings and looking like fresh sacrifices. Oh and Betty’s Mother and Sisters have been turned into witches by the farm.

I didn’t miss anything but at the same time, I feel like I missed everything. Riverdale has a way of always upping the anti and I am very excited to keep up with it in the upcoming season. With Sabrina on its way, and Legacies coming to the CW, I know where I’m going to be for the rest of the year.


What did you think of the premier? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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5 DC Heroine's I want in Titans!

Hey Gang!

DC has been chugging along with their Titans Series. A full trailer was released a few months ago, and now there are more fleshed out ideas about the pilot, when it will be released, and even character posters. I thought it would be fun to talk about a few DC characters I’m hoping will make an appearance. While putting this together I started thinking about characters that are both older than the titans and also the same age, because everyone needs a mentor. While thinking about that I also started to put together a list of villains that I wanted to see, so keep an eye out for that list as well!

Zatanna: She’s my favorite DC character, of course she was going to make an appearance. I would finally love to see her get the love she deserves in perhaps an arc on the show. They made her a teenager in Young Justice and although they simply dangled her as a love object for Robin, I still think it was a step in the right direction. It showed how powerful she is, and how much more powerful she could be. Although Raven is a witch, Zatanna is a SORCEROR, she’s a lot more powerful than Raven, could help her control her powers more.


Cassandra Cain: Originally a forced assassin, she was actually under Batmans’ wing to become one of the best batgirls that never spoke a single word. She’s mute probably as a coping mechanism against the abuse that she suffered and saw. Cassandra is a master of hand to hand combat and weapons, and with the tutelage of both Barbara and Bruce she would be an absolute asset to any team, especially the titans.


Fire: As one of my favorite characters that really gets no love at all, I had to put her on the list. Literally the last time I think I saw her, was in Justice League Unlimited for three episodes. Her entire body is encased in emerald flame, and she can FLY! Why more people aren’t loving her is beyond me. Sure Starfire, can fly, and shoot green flame,(beams) but Fire is FLAME! So THERE! She’d still be a great asset. I personally would love to see her in more things.


Mera: Hear me out! Being half and half, she is able to breathe on land. She could be the perfect liason between Atlantis and the US. Just like Starfire and Tamaran! She’s powerful, political, and a force to be reckoned with. When I brought this up to the Boy Wonder he said Aquaman’s Wife? This is the notion I want to blow away. Sure she’s married to Aquaman but she’s so much more than that. SHE”S A GODDAMN QUEEN (Literally), She leads an army of Female soldiers against Oceanmaster. She’s had her own Solo run, which is more than can be said than a lot of other heros that are getting love right now. This edition would also round out the team more as you have two weapon masters, two fliers, a changeling, and now someone who can control water.


Vixen: She’s definitely gotten the rub in the past several runs. When I first met her in Justice League: Unlimited, she was awesome but caught in between John and Shayera, and that was it. We got a little bit of her powers and then she was gone, then she had her own mini animated series, and I was like YEAH! and then she had her own one shot and then that was it. I was pretty sad at how it played out. Sure they have a changeling, but Vixen is different from Beast Boy in one very pivotal way. Beastboy can change into the animal, whether he may have the weight of the animal, he may not always have the strength of the animal, where as Vixen’s ability gives her the essence of the animal, which is why I think she deserves a spot on the team. She deserves a chance to show everyone just how powerful she can be.


Honorable Mention: Big Barda: She’s just such a huge bad ass character that gets absolutely no love. She’s a God dude! What more do you need? Immortality, Master of hand to hand combat, that particular lean where she might take it a touch to far, but only for the good of the team, a Mega rod. I mean, she’s a fearless female warrior, and would be great to see in the television show. So why not?


Who would you be on your list? Let’s chat about it on Twitter!

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