Curious Caster #1: She-Ra and The Princesses of Power

Hey Gang!

Here it is! The very first episode of my bite sized podcast, The Curious Caster is live! As soon as I finished the first season of She-Ra I knew I was going to need to talk about it! What better way to talk about a tv show than on a podcast!


I mention a few of my favorite things about the series:

  • Bow

  • The Princesses

  • The Diversity

  • The Animation

I talk about many more things, but I don’t want to spoil the episode, so give it a listen. I tried to speak as slow and calmly as possible, so leave constructive Criticism in the comments so I know what to fix in the next episode.

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A New Direction

Hello There!

You’ve probably noticed in the past several weeks that Nerdette At Large hasn’t been updating as often as it used to. You’d be correct in that assumption. Normally the reason can be chalked up to not having enough time, but this time, that wasn’t it.

For the past two months, I have just been losing the spark that causes me to blog. I’ve been blogging in the same fashion for the past 10 years, and every year I try to expand and try something different, and while I do have a youtube, that I’ve been creating content with, I’ve been using the same vehicle for so many years and it’s just wearing me out.


We’re in the last month of 2018 and soon it will be a new year, and what better way to start a new year then to jump into something absolutely different ?! I had been thinking for a while about what I could change to get the motivation back into creating and I started thinking about different vehicles for my content.

I came up with a podcast. I’d been batting around the idea of having a podcast for the longest time and I never went anywhere with it, but now I’m ready to attack the idea head on and I’m quickly falling in love with it.

My podcast, The Curious Caster, are bite sized episodes of nerdy culture. I just finished editing the premiere episode, which is about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. There’s a full page where you’ll be able to find all of the episodes, and I’m super excited to be able to host it on my own site instead of loading it somewhere else.


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Handheld Mistress #43: Completing Uncharted

Hey Gang!

Your eyes are not fooling you! I’m writing about games again for the first time in months. Life has been so crazy, I haven’t even had the opportunity to write up blog posts. I’ve got all of these ideas and topics swirling around in my head, but I don’t have the time to bring them to fruition. Last Night, I was thinking that I wanted to play the PS4, which I haven’t played a game on since the beginning of the month when I played Kingdom Hearts.


I wasn’t feeling Kingdom Hearts, and I knew that I had left Uncharted in a ragequit so why not pick that up again? I knew I was close to being finished with it. I started up the stream on Twitch, and after failing for the first 30 minutes, the game finally started moving along again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve finished a game, and Uncharted definitely didn’t give it up easily.


I finished the last 4 chapters in about 3 and a half hours of streaming/gaming time. I didn’t know really what to expect, because my sister was really into the games, but I didn’t watch her finish them, so I was new to the ending which was great! I hate being spoiled. Although, I was not ready for that twist. Zombies, no one said anything about zombies! A slightly heart attack worthy and stressful adventure trying to find a descendants lost treasure, literally turned into a couple of levels from Silent Hill or Resident Evil, and I was NOT PREPARED. You can watch the stream on my Twitch channel, and laugh at my pain.

My Poor ticker was just not equipped to handle the heart stopping suspense that the last three levels left me with. Once I got to the final showdown, and continued to die for another umpteenth time, I was too aggravated to really enjoy the ending, but I was so excited about actually finishing a game! It was fun to actually get back into streaming, I’m going to start Uncharted 2: Among Thieves tonight around 10:30, if you’re interested in joining the stream!


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Series #63: Legacies: First Thoughts

Hey Gang!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better way to spend my new found free time than to catch up on television? Enter, Legacies. The continuation of the fictional supernatural phenomenon that was Vampire Diaries.

I was around for the original. I can still remember grabbing all of L.J. Smith’s Novels from my locals library and reading them late into the night. When I saw CW was going to make it into a tv show, I thought hmm, that could be good. 7 seasons later my shattered emotions just couldn’t take anymore. That show was a roller coaster on my already fragile feelings for fictional characters. I didn’t even finish the show, I finished the novels, but when books become television programs its pretty rare that they completely follow the source material.


Legacies pickes up years later, I assume, after Alaric has turned the Salvatore home/college into a school for the supernatural. A school where there’s plenty of witches, werewolves and vampires are taught to control their abilities, and to be set out in the real world where they can become who and what they want to be. I was all for it, until I watched the pilot.

In Vampire Diaries, Alaric was always the one anyone could depend on. Taking In Elena and Jeremy when their Aunt passed, continuing to help with supernatural quests and to protect her ever growing family of humans and all matter of creatures in between. He was the vault of information and if he didn’t know the answer than he knew how to get it.


In these two episodes we are visited by three supernatural creatures, but one just doesn’t know it yet. I’m glad that they kept all origin stories and weaknesses the same for the supernatural creatures in this show. Vampire Diaries was one of the only shows to get the lore right, no need to go softening or retconning anything for a younger set with Legacies.

I think I’ll keep watching to see where it goes, I’ll give it a full season, which is a lot more than I give other shows, but its from the same producers as Vampire Diaries, it has Alaric and it isn’t shitting too hard on tradition. I think it deserves an entire season before people can comment on its potential.


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Novels #28: Book Haul #9

Hey Gang!

I haven’t really been talking books lately but I have been reading and buying them non-stop. Which is actually terrible because I bought this group of books from Half Price Book almost 3 months ago and then found them a couple of days ago, when I was doing my weekly clean up of my studio.


I think subconciously I was thinking I would pick these up to read for October because all of them have a spooky tilt to them. I have read There’s someone in your house already, and I loved it so much I bought it. Twisted is written by the same author who did Truly, Madly, Deadly and I knew I had to get it.


I think the very first novel in this group I’ll be reading will be Twisted by Hannah Jayne and then probably moving onto The Morganville Vampires. I haven’t read a novel with villains in quite a while and I kind of miss it. What better way than to pick up a novel for half the price and hope for the best?!

What are you reading right now? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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