Novels #36: March Wrap Up

Hey Gang!

It’s almost the end of March, so there’s no point of even trying to get up a march to be read list, and honestly, I didn’t even have one for this month. I generally just got interested in a book randomly and started reading it. I started two new jobs in the month of March and I took up most of my time. I went on a rabbit hole of my library and came across some interesting titles I’m excited to read in April, but here’s what I finished reading in March.

The Dressmaker by Jenny Wang: I loved this comic! The Story was so sweet and welcoming for anyone who has even felt a little bit weird in their life. It centers on a Prince, who enjoys dressing as a woman on occassion, who is in need of a seamstress to make him extravagant outfits for him to wear as his alter ego, Lady Crystallia. There he meets and everything fall into place, and they have unprecedented adventures in fashion.

Misbehaved by Charlie Rose: A Teacher/Student taboo relationship with a lot more plot than I was expecting.

A Midsummer’s Night Scream by R.L. Stine: I didn’t like this one at all. It’s probably got the worst rating of a book this year.

50 Shades of Alice in Wonderland by Monica DuChamp: Alice has a sexual awakening though out her adventures and I absolutely Loved it!

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Novels #32: February PBR

Hey Gang!

January was a blur of novels!~ Although, I may not have read everything on my list, I definitely ran through quite a few books! In the Month of January, I finished 13 books! I definitely learned my lesson and made a smaller list of books for the month of February even though it didn’t occur to me that it was the shortest month of the year.

I’m re-watching Pretty Little Liars, and since I’ve watched it before and knowing everything that will happen, I thought it would be a good time to actually read the stories, maybe they’ll be different. Plus the library has the first two arcs on audio so when in Rome!

Here’s what I’m hoping to get through for February:

The Pretty Little Liars Series: 1 by Sara Shepard (Audio)

Catwoman: Soul Stealer by Sarah J. Maas (Audio)

WonderWoman: WarBringer by Leigh Bardugo (Audio)

I know You Know by Gilly MacMillan (Audio)

Jughead: The Hunger Vol. 1 by Frank Tieri

Lock and Mori by Heather W. Petty

Flawless by Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars #2) (Audio)

Magick and Mayhem by Sharon Pope

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood

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Novels #31: January Wrap UP

Hey Gang!

I was actually really worried that I wasn’t going to have a decent video for the month of January, but I definitely surprised myself. I may not have followed my January TBR, but I finished 14 novels in one month, and I’m pretty darn proud of that! I totally forgot that February is the shortest month of the year, so I may have to rework that list, but I’m hoping for the same amount of reads. I know its only the first month of the year, but I’m doing a good job sticking to my goal of doing a Youtube video every week, and to start filming my bookish thoughts.

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Spokhette On Youtube #85: A Week of Book Hauls

Hey Gang!

I took a bit of a break from Youtube a couple of months ago. I needed to gather my wits and replenish my creative energy. I’ve taken the break to create some new videos and perhaps even try something new! I went a little crazy three weeks ago and grabbed quite a few novels from Amazon for my brand new and completely empty bookshelves I had picked up. I wanted to do more bookish content, so I thought it would be fun to film what I got and talk about why I ordered them.


This video follows a school week, so books arrived on Monday - Friday. Here are a few of the novels I received.

  • I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason by Susan Kandel

  • A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Caravallo

  • A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

  • The Dark Stairs by Betsy Byars

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Novels #25: Book Haul #6

Hey gang!

 I had the awesome chance to stop by Half Price Books the other day. I was looking for a used java manual. I didn’t come across any that would help, because we’re running Java 10 and the most updated book was for 6, but I decided to tak a look around anyway, and I found quite a few novels in the Ya section. They had a whole slew of L.J. Smith collections, but I’m specificallly looking for Dark Visions and they never have it! I read it from the library once when I was younger, after finishing the original run of Vampire Diaries, and I fell in love, I must have checked it out several times after it, and even after all this time, I still remember specific sections of the novels. I need to add it to my collection. 


 I want to have my own collection of books, even though I read way too fast to make it viable. I’ll have read the books and then they sit there, unless I want to read them again? Where as getting them from the library costs no money unless you’re late to return them and then you move on. I feel like Half Price Books is the perfect alternative, because when you’re done with them you can even sell them back! Plus, they’re super affordable to begin with!

  I picked up The Fallen Series part one, which includes The Fallen and Leviathan by Thomas Sniegoski. I remember the terrible mini series on Abc Family, I’m hoping that it is super loosely based on the books, and that the books will be better, because 90% of the time it’s true.  Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, because I’ve watched the movie 80 bajillion times and I really love it, and if a movie based off a book is really good then generally the book is great. 


 Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Alender because Look at that title, what more could you need? Generation Dead by Daniel Waters, at this point I had been looking at books that either dealt with death, supernatural creatures or the undead, why not continue? Finally, I picked up Swoon by Nina Malkin, which is presented as a super dark, and twisted love story between a psychic teen and a vengeful spirit who takes over her cousins body. Yeah, I definitely don’t need to delve any deeper with that one. Also needless to say, I’m currently reading Swoon.

 I went out with my friend Robin the other day, we ended up at Walmart, and they had a copy of Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, which I’ve had my eyes on for a while. I had to pick it up before it slipped away again, and I proceeded to finish it in an hour. It’s a book of poetry split into four parts, Hurt, Love, Healing, and Relationships. It was so good, but it made me kind of sad as well. 

My favorite line is “Our backs tell stories no books have the spines to carry.” 

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What are you reading?

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