Novels #37: April To Be Read

Hey Gang!

I know March is practically over, so I won’t bother to try and list the books I wanted to read then. So I am finishing any book that comes my way in the next couple of days and then moving on to the new month. Can you believe it’s practically April? Because I can’t, 2019 is breaking the sound barrier, and I’m just trying to hang on for dear life. February was a rough month for me, and I just wanted to dip my toes back in for March and failed miserably, so April is my month to start anew. Hopefully, it will bring spring with it, because I’m so ready for the suns rays, and to stop wearing sweaters.


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August Comics I’m looking forward too!

 Hey Gang!

  Don’t drag me, I know that there have already been two weeks of comics released. I started a new job and time has just really gotten away from me. Here are some of the comics I’m looking forward too in the month of August.

- Crowded: Image Comics: W:Sebella A:Stein 8/15: In the time of crowdsourcing for something people really want. Now there’s an app to crowdfund for an assassin. In true millennial fashion, you have an app to counteract that and hire your very own bodyguard. Now our main character is being hunted down, and they have 30 days to figure out who wants to kill them before time and their lives are up. I’m really looking forward to this one.

- Leviathan: Image Comics W:Layman A: Pitarra 8/1: It seems like the month of fantasy! The main characters having a party, runs out of ice, comes back and is met with a ginormous smiling Dragon. His friends decided to pull out some magic tarot cards, and now there are demons and such running amok. Sounds like a fun time to me. 


- Modern Fantasy: Dark Horse Comics W: Roberts A:Gudsnuk 8/29: In this series, you follow two girls who are trying to keep their crappy office jobs afloat and complete magical side quests. They battle dragons, collect gold and generally save the world, while trying to figure out how they’re going to pay their student loans. I wonder how many pieces of gold you’d need to pay off a student loan...

- Sheets: Lion Forge A + W: Thummler 8/15: I’m pretty excited to read this graphic novel. There’s a washing machine, and a ghost, and the fall, and I’m just so ready for an adorable ghost story. Even better, on the day this comes out, Nerdette At Large has an interview with Brenna Thrummler! I can’t wait to introduce you to her gang, She’s amazing and I know her story will be great! 


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Novels #15: Why I joined Goodreads

 Hi Gang!

  If you've been with me since the beginning, oh my gosh, thank you so much for dealing with me for so long. If you are newer, then welcome and strap in for a bit of storytime. When I was younger, reading was my favorite thing to do. It was my escape from the mundane of school work and my more than lack of interest in the outside. I used to go to the library so often, that the librarians knew me by name. 

  I kind of fell out of reading in my senior year in high school. Getting ready to go to college stressed me out, and as a devourer of YA literature and romantic films, I was too busy running around trying to "live life to the fullest", parties and hanging out with friends that I wasn't going to see anymore, that sort of thing. 

 When I got to college I didn't have any time to read at all, and I just kind of let it go. When I left college, all I did was work and played video games mostly. It was a great way to release the stress of having to pay bills and living on my own. It had gotten to the point that I was finishing a novel a year. Which is abysmal if you consider the fact that I used to average about 4 novels a week. Let's do a little math here. 4 novels a week. There are 52 weeks in a year. That is 208 novels a year. I went from reading 208 novels a year to one. I'm appalled that I let my reading get that far away from me, honestly.

 I've never read critically, which is why you'll never find a review here. I love immersing myself in a fictional world, I don't want to ruin that by attempting to intentionally put an educational spin on it. I just want to relax and start on a new fictional adventure. Now, that doesn't mean that if I'm reading and some fuckshit goes down, that I just ignore it and continue the story. There are plenty of novels that I haven't finished because something happened and I had to just close the cover and say nope. 

 Now that I'm an "adult" I've gotten much better at time management. I decided to join Goodreads after discovering booktube, I honestly don't know how I missed it, these ladies definitely would have helped me keep reading if I had known about them. I'm trying really hard to let go of my dependency on paper and physical books. Compared to a few years ago, I've really embraced e-books, and I'm listening to audiobooks more and more often. Goodreads replaces my notebooks that are filled with novel titles and authors that I wanted to read. 

 I'm currently copying them over, but once they are in, then I can scan future books and keep track of books that I want to read, books that I've read, and even get recommendations from friends that I don't see often enough to ask, "Hey, read any good books lately?" I know I'm halfway through the year, but I'm determined to finish 20 books by the end of 2017. I just recently finished Desires of the Dead, by Kimberly Derting, the 2nd in the Body Finder Series. I'm currently working on The Awesome by Eve Darrows and Unearthly Things by Michelle Gagnon. 

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Novels #8: If Harry Wasn't a Boy.

Hey Gang!

Today's post is going to be a little different. It's actually pretty different from anything I've ever written here before. Which is strange if you think about it because I've had this address since 2008 and I've written a multitude of different posts. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this post is pretty unique and I understand if it isn't for everyone.

 It's about a dream I had a few months back, but I wasn't really sure how to go about it, so there it stayed in my notebook. However, I have recently been inspired by Dorkface recently to write more personal/ lifestyle posts. What could be more personal than my dreams? This one is pretty different, and for all the Straightlaced Harry Potter fans, I'm...Sorry?

 A couple of months ago, I had a dream about Harry Potter, but not the one that everyone knows and loves. It kinda went something like this. This Harry Potter was Trans. She knew that she was in the wrong body but before she could tell her parents about it they died. And instead of going to live with the Dursleys, She actually lived with Dumbledore. Who claims to be an ally to all "He's even Gay" but denied Harry the ability to feel more like herself. At every turn, Dumbledore shut her down, and never actually listened to what she needed. She makes it to Hogwarts where she enjoys her education, and dresses how she feels, and goes by Harriet.

 Once Dumbledore realizes that Harriet hasn't been listening to his instructions he is furious. After years of abuse, Harriet snaps and kills Albus, I woke up wondering what happened to Harriet. I'm not sure what brought up this dream, I usually never really know. they usually aren't based on anything that happened that day, and I hadn't watched or read any Harry Potter, in that month, so I'm not sure how I came up with it.

 I do think it might have been

Kat Blaque

's and


's Influence. I'd been watching a lot more feminist and open sexuality videos of theirs.  I had this dream around the time I had discovered her amazingly educational channels. I have already gone into detail about how awesome they are. So I won't do it here.

I don't even know how to end this. I guess It was just like a brain dump. This is what I wanted to write about though, so don't get mad at me for trying something new. What did you guys think of this role reversal on a "pretty classic" story? Tell me down below!! Nerdette At Large is a safe haven blog for any individual of any sex, Gender, or orientation. There is no judgement here, I welcome everyone.

Until Next Time,

 Stay Nerdy.

Novels #4: 10 Favorite Books.

 Its about that time again gang! You get to learn a little bit about me! If you don't know I like to read, like a LOT! So Below is a list of my top 10 favorite books. It changes, because every year, new books come out, but this one's been pretty consistent.

1. Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

2. The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde

3. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

4. The Wager by Donna Jo Napoli

5. Bunnicula by James Howe

6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ( I enjoy the series, but this is my favorite novel) by J.K. Rowling

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events : The Austere Academy ( I enjoyed the series but this is my favorite) by Lemony Snicket

8. It Girl : Lucky by Cecily Von Zeigesar

9. Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Zeigesar

10. I am not a serial Killer by Dan Wells

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Novel #3: What I'm reading

I went to the library today to get new books. The one I stopped at happened to be on the way home, but the place was so small, I think it was even smaller than the one by my parents and that one was like the size of a closet. It's at the corner of the street and you can't really see around it until you hit the parking lot, which was full, So I wound up going around full circle like twice before I found a parking space! Jeez louise! 

 Without further ado, Here are the books I got.

Tender Murderers: Women Who Kill by Trina Robbins

Vintage Modern Knits by Courtney Kelly + Kate Gagnon Osborn

Step it up Knits by Vickie Howell

The Red Market by Scott Carney

The Poisoner's Handbook by Deborah Blum

Stitch N Bitch Superstar Knitting by Debbie Stoller.

 I've been on a bit of a serial killer kick lately, Ever since I started watching Criminal Minds all those years ago, I think it might literally be something I want to do. NOT THE SERIAL KILLING, but investigating them, stopping them from killing any more. Detective work and the like. 

Thanks for reading,

Mistress Out,