Handheld Mistress #43: Completing Uncharted

Hey Gang!

Your eyes are not fooling you! I’m writing about games again for the first time in months. Life has been so crazy, I haven’t even had the opportunity to write up blog posts. I’ve got all of these ideas and topics swirling around in my head, but I don’t have the time to bring them to fruition. Last Night, I was thinking that I wanted to play the PS4, which I haven’t played a game on since the beginning of the month when I played Kingdom Hearts.


I wasn’t feeling Kingdom Hearts, and I knew that I had left Uncharted in a ragequit so why not pick that up again? I knew I was close to being finished with it. I started up the stream on Twitch, and after failing for the first 30 minutes, the game finally started moving along again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve finished a game, and Uncharted definitely didn’t give it up easily.


I finished the last 4 chapters in about 3 and a half hours of streaming/gaming time. I didn’t know really what to expect, because my sister was really into the games, but I didn’t watch her finish them, so I was new to the ending which was great! I hate being spoiled. Although, I was not ready for that twist. Zombies, no one said anything about zombies! A slightly heart attack worthy and stressful adventure trying to find a descendants lost treasure, literally turned into a couple of levels from Silent Hill or Resident Evil, and I was NOT PREPARED. You can watch the stream on my Twitch channel, and laugh at my pain.

My Poor ticker was just not equipped to handle the heart stopping suspense that the last three levels left me with. Once I got to the final showdown, and continued to die for another umpteenth time, I was too aggravated to really enjoy the ending, but I was so excited about actually finishing a game! It was fun to actually get back into streaming, I’m going to start Uncharted 2: Among Thieves tonight around 10:30, if you’re interested in joining the stream!


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JRPG July #0: 9 Games you should Play.

Hey Gang!

  The awesome lady at Chic-Pixel is back at it once again! In January she put together a community post along to give some arcade fighters some much needed love. I participated in these posts. This month she’s back with JRPGs! Shedding some light, and giiving love to Japanese Role Playing Games that claim our hearts, and I want to do the same. 

  Here are 9 of my favorite titles, and why I love them. 

- Project X Zone 2: I personally hold this as my favorite crossover. You literally get to play as multiple characters in a melee button mashing masterpiece. An evil group opens black holes all over the time space continum, which brings characters from different franchises that probably would't have happened otherwise. I came across lifelong favorites, and new characters who quickly became new favorites. The nerd cred you'll receive from playing this game, and actually knowing the franchises the characters hail from is unparalled. It's the best. 


- Stella Glow: I drone on and on about how I'm not patient enough for turnbased gameplay, but the reason Stella Glow made the list, is that it is a very limited area of movement. Which to most people would be a turn off, but there are only two pet peeves to playing role playing games, getting stuck in a battle that takes forever, OR getting lost forever. Without the ability to actually move and explore, it cuts out a lot of time that would be wasted by me anyway. You still have the ability to "explore" and collect items and powerups, but you don't have the aspect of getting lost and battle monsters over and over again. Plus the story is super interesting and I love the characters. 


- Persona Q: Cuz Duh! Persona, is a gaming series that I would be very remiss not to include in this list. Everyone has played some type of Persona at some point in their lives, I'm still on the lookout for the dancing game, but I'll find it eventually. Persona Q is adorable versions of characters whom can be found in 3 and 4, and you play in a dungeonesque environment that absolutely resembles Wonderland. What more do you need?


- Pokemon: I repeat Duh, With a tattoo of a Legendary on my right shoulder blade, and a cosplay picture of an alolan Vulpix in the side bar, is there any doubt that Pokemon would be on my list. You are traveling the world, capturing pocket monsters and bettering yourself against Gym trainers, its' totally a JRPG, and if you don't think so FIght me!


- Root Letter: I feel like Visual Novels would definitely fall into this list, and with the next four games all belonging to the Ps Vita, I feel like definitely fit the bill. You follow a character trying to solve a mystery, after years of not hearing from his pen pal, he comes across a new letter, unpostmarked on his shelf, and thus starts the mission of trying to find her. Only when he gets to her villaige does he find out that she's been dead for years.


Dangangronpa: A group of extraordinary students are admitted to an elite high school, only to find out that the principal is a homicidal teddy bear, adn the only way out of this hell school is to murder one of the other students and not get caught, what more could I want right?


- Bad Apple Wars: A school in heaven is split between two sets of students, those who assimilate and follow all the rules until they eventually lose everything that made them unique, and the "Bad Apples" who fight to find a way to escape and keep their uniqueness. 


- Bravely Default: One of the most beautiful JRPG's I've ever played in my life. This game belongs on the list even though I've been stuck in the same place for the past year and a half and it has turn based mechanics, I've been playing on and off for a while. You can chose different abilities which will decide your fate and path. You can be a monk, or a witch or any of the other options, and it makes the game a very enjoyable experience, even if you play thorugh multiple times. 


- Professor Layton: Because DUH.  With a tattoo on my inner wrist, there's no reason Hershel shouldn't be on my list. I own every game, every OST, and I've seen the movie. You follow Layton and his apprentice Luke, as he travels the world and solves mysteries through puzzles. Very challenging, very fun! Highly recommend. 


What JRPG's do you love playing? Let's Fangirl about it on Twitter!

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Handheld Mistress #42: Casings and Murder.

 Hey Gang!

  Welcome to another gaming post. This is happening. The biggest thing I love about The Switch is it's mobility. I can just pick up and go, and I don't need extra things. I have so much love for handheld systems. I'm going to talk about new accessories and games I've picked up recently. 

 The first thing I want to talk about is the new case I got for my Nintendo Switch System. I have a small case that just holds the console and I keep that in my bag, but since I visit my parents pretty often and am constantly dragging it around, I got this carrying case. It holds the dock, all four of my controllers, the controller grips, and it came with two containers for gaming cartridges and two cases for memory cards. I picked it up from GameStop.


 While I was there I was checking out the PSVita section (always) and came across Trigger Happy Havoc, also known as Danganronpa. The gist of this game is that there are a certain group of children who are accepted to this amazing highschool of Hope. Except they get there, and they're met with a homicidal teddy bear as a principal, who tells them the only way they'll ever be able to leave the school is to murder one of their classmates and escape without being caught. What more did I need? 


 I play quite a few games on my cellphone as well and one that I have been playing a lot lately is Final Taptasy. It's basically a dungeon crawler, where the more finger taps you can muster the faster you'll destroy the monsters. Also you are trying to save the princess, but she is literally kidnapped every new chapter.  It's a super fun time waster.


What have you been playing lately? Let's talk about it on Twitter.

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Handheld Mistress #44: Every Recipe’s got a rhythm

 Hey Gang!

  I know, I know, two gaming posts back to back! Friday, I received an email newsletter about certain games being on sale for the switch e-shop. What more did I need right? I’d gone through the shop list a couple of months ago and put things in a wishlist, and lo and behold. There were THREE games on sale from my wishlist, and so of course I couldn’t ignore their call and leave them unpurchased.


 The first game I want to talk about it Voez. It’s a beautifully designed rhythm game. Lots of different types of music, and unique way of relaying the rhythm to adorable diamond shaped markers. You can play the game either through touch, or using the joy cons, or putting the joy cons in the controller base. 


 The next game I want to talk about it Battle Chef Brigade. I’d first heard of this game, thanks to a post at Tiny Cartridge. They post about handheld games, indie, and mainstream and their site is amazing, I keep applying to write for them because that’s the dream. You follow a girl named Maria who wants nothing more than to join the Chef’s Brigade, which is an institution that teaches and helps you battle through food, and train you to control the monster population by beating them up, collecting their leftover bits and cooking them as ingredients in dishes that will help you in tournaments that will allow you to travel all over Victusia. My favorite part is that in order to cook the ingredients you have to match three of the same balls of flame, which is a puzzle, and ya’ll know how much I love a puzzle!


 I’ve leveled up pretty decently in Splatoon. When I wrote Wednesday’s post, I had only been playing it for a couple of days, but as of Today, I’m halfway to level 15, and the Carbon Roller, is my weapon of choice. I love the baller, super easy to ease your way into the enemies lair, and then blow shit up. I think my favorite thing about playing online, is the leveling up, and I’ve never been one for online play but I love it in this game. I get pretty competitive. 


 What have you been playing lately?

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Handheld Mistress #43: Squad up!

 Hi Gang!

  I wrote about my new capture card in my April Favorites, and one of the games I've really been wanting for a while now has been Splatoon 2. A multiplayer game that I could take online, and the nkling characters were just absolutley adorable. I missed the chance to play it on the Wiiu, so I had to grab it for the switch. 


 I want to stream more, and I've been managing to do it at least once a week, and its all thanks to the new capture card. I can hook it up to the computer or do it while mobile so I'm not stuck in one spot. I headed to Gamestop about a week ago, and picked up Splatoon 2 and Puyo Puyo V. Tetris. I wasn't really sure what to expect with Puyo v Tetris. It's just two very different puzzle games put together. 


 I really like it though! Each game has it's own planet and back story, and the tetris blocks are called tetrimino's and there's a robot whose a dad, and they have a space ship and they learn how to pop puyo's and clear tetrimino's and it's just really a fun time! The levels are mildly difficult, I only have to play through twice or three times before moving on, so not highly difficult, but a decent challenge. 


 I'm currently switching back and forth and drooling over Donkey Kong. When I went to go buy the first two games, I realized that Donkey Kong didn't come out until the next day, and I didn't want to spend all that money in one spot. Switch games are still about 50$ a pop despite the system being out for more than a year. I've got my eye on Donkey Kong though, I'm hoping to be able to pick it up next paycheck, because I think it would just be a blast to stream. 


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Handheld Mistress #42: Spooky Games to Play on Friday 13th!

 Hey Gang!

  One of my favorite spooky holiday is Friday The 13th, if you look through my archives, I write something for it every year. Generally, every year I write up a list of my favorite scary movies to watch, but I thought it would be fun to do something different this year. I’m going to talk about some fun and scary games you can play to spend the day. 

 - The Evil Within (PS3): I haven’t even gotten to the third level in this game. I attempted to play it at night with my sister and her boyfriend, and we were all hoarse from screaming, yelling and jumping around. There’s zombies, some really creepy guy that pops up and then disappears, and this giant ogre fellow that you have to follow in order to escape a room in an asylum, oh and the best part, you start the game hanging upside next to decomposing bodies, and you have to cut yourself down and grab a key to save yourself, and if you’re caught, he automatically decapitates you. It’s a blast. 


- House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast): In my opinion, the quintessential Shooter.  This game permeated every arcade and home system. I personally remember having a copy for our Dreamcast, and a reloaded version for the Wii. We were huge fans of the fast paced action and back seat shooting that comes with games like this. It was an entire family affair. Definitely a crowd favorite.


- Splatterhouse (PS3): You play a thin, meek, nerd who just married the woman of his dreams, only to have her kidnapped by her professor, and sacrificed to some evil deity for ultimate power. So the protagonist makes a deal with some other demon or minor deity who gains power from the bloodshed you create during your journey. It’s just a fun jump scare game with lots of blood and gore, it gets points for the creative ways you can cause bloodless of the minions. 


- BioShock (PS4): After something occurs to the world, to where everyone has moved underwater, you play as Big brother, who is in a scuba suit, outfitted with awesome weapons like a drill for a hand, and you’re on a mission to save little sisters who are being experimented on, I jump so much just because of how the cameras work that I only play during the day. 


- Catherine (PS3): A  lack luster man in a relationship with an over achieving woman, results in him waking up with a woman he’s never seen before and wildly vivid puzzle dreams, that if he doesn’t escape from, he may not wake up alive. 


 - Root Letter (PSVita): Root Letter follows a protagonist that discovers an old unopened letter from their pen pal that starts them on a mystery of discovering what happened to her. The only thing is the letter is dated after the pen pal is supposed to have died, and the story picks up from there. 


Do you have any spooky favorites? Let's Chat about them on Twitter!

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