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Hi Gang!

  I finally have the time to talk to you guys about these awesome pictures Boy Wonder took of me, a couple of months ago! I went out and bought two more Pokemon Plushies, which brough my collection to six, and if you play pokemon, you know what that means! I have an official team! So I thought it would be cute to take pictures with my plushies and tell you guys about my mains!


 I just happened to stop into Gamestop on my way into work and they had the most adorablest two plushies just sitting on the counter as if they were waiting just for me. Plus, they were on sale so I definitely couldn't pass them up. Once I added them to my team I knew I had to do this post and tell you all about them!


 So my team consists of (l to R): 

Mimikyu: I picked this plushie up while I was in Chicago for C2E2. There was a stand that was full of pokemon plushies, and hiding in the very back was a very small group of mimikyu. If you haven't watched the new pokemon anime, or played Pokemon Sun and Moon, Mimikyu is a ghost pokemon who is a fan of Pikachu, and so it dresses like it. Its eyes are on its stomach. 


Jirachi: This plushie was given to me for my birthday by The boy Wonder. It's much smaller than the other ones but I loved that about it, because it has it's own space on my desk. Jirachi is a Legendary Pokemon, and has his own movie. He has the ability to grant wishes for one week every thousand years. 


 Alolan Version Raichu: I've always been a fan of pikachu, but not Raichu...I think it was left over from the episode where Ash has to think about giving pikachu a thunderstone so he can defeat Lt. Surge. However, Sun and Moon has opened my eyes. Apparently, Raichu and Pikachu love pancakes. and it's cannon. Plus, He SURFS ON HIS TAIL!!! What more did you need? 


 Litwick: I am a huge fan of ghost pokemon. They have such a unique look to them. In the later games, ghost pokemon started to look a little more gothic, and I began to fall in love with them even more. Litwick is one of those pokemon. Litwick is normally a guide in the dark, but anyone that follows it has their energy and life leeched from them, and that becomes the fuel that Litwick uses to survive.


 Victini: Victini is my favorite pokemon. I have her tattooed on my body. Victini is a fire psychic pokemon and a Legendary. She is featured in Pokemon Black and White The Movie. She is an adorable character who enjoys macarons and playing pranks on people. 


Snorlax: Snorlax was my very first Pokemon plushie. The Boy Wonder and I had been dating for a couple of months, and it was my first present. He bought it from one of my favorite comic book shop. Snorlax is an O.G. He is part of the first 150, and is described as a docile pokemon who eats 800 pounds of food a day, and then promptly goes to sleep and that children use it's stomach as a place to play. 


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OOTD: 4 Years and Thor: Ragnarok

Hi Gang!

  It's been a while since I've done an outfit post. It's difficult to keep up with them while I'm photographing, because I'm in uniform most of the week. But, since work is OVER, I will be bringing you more and more of them! The Boy Wonder and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Election Day. (We really should have put more thought into that, so we didn't have to etch out time in our special day, to place our votes.) 


 On our first date, we went to see a triple feature at our favorite movie theater. They were showing Thor, Avengers and Thor 2. I'd never seen any of the Thors, So I was pretty excited about it, and even though we had some directional issues finding each other, the date went exceptionally well. ( Spoiler alert, since it's our 4 year right?) So we were so excited when Thor: Ragnarok was going to be in theaters. 


 I was going to go see it anyway for Tessa Thompsons Valkyrie, and I was always a fan of Hela in the comics and the lore. She was always so bad ass. This film did a really good job of humanizing the Hulk. It wasn't that I didn't think about him as human or not before, but we got a lot more personality from both Hulk and Banner, then we did in films before it. I felt like it was Marvel's love letter to Bisexuals, but more on that later. 


 It's starting to get cold over here, so I wore a sheath sweater dress, knee high socks, and my Marvel Combat Boots, because it wouldn't be me without something matching the film we were going to see right? I got my dress from Walmart, my socks from a convention and my boots from Hot Topic. We had dinner at Outback, and as always it was delcious. I cleaned my plate, and the Boy Wonder brought home leftovers. (Which I also later ate.)


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OOTD: Outfits of California

Hi Gang, 

 I tried really hard to photograph all the outfits I wore in California, because I wanted to come back with some new outfit posts since I haven't done it in a while. I wanted to be cute and comfortable so these outfits are full of skirts and dresses, which are basically my go tos at this point. 

   Trainer Hoodie from Hot Topic | Elephant w/ Mace Top from C2E2 | Skirt from Rainbow

  Trainer Hoodie from Hot Topic | Elephant w/ Mace Top from C2E2 | Skirt from Rainbow

          White Bralette from Aerie | Studio Ghibli Kiki's Delivery Service Dress from Hot Topic

         White Bralette from Aerie | Studio Ghibli Kiki's Delivery Service Dress from Hot Topic

                    Big Hero 6 Top from Hot Topic | Sailor moon Skater skirt from Hot Topic

                   Big Hero 6 Top from Hot Topic | Sailor moon Skater skirt from Hot Topic

                                                             One piece from Target

                                                            One piece from Target

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OOTD: Why Are We Leaving Land?

Hi Gang!

   It is literally such a blast to be doing outfit posts again, it's just kind of stepped my photography and posing game up a bit more. It's also made me less lazy too, I'm trying really hard not to wear a t-shirt and shorts when I go out, I'm putting more thought into how I get dressed, just in case, I decide that I want to do any outfit posts about the day later. 

This particular excursion, Alex and I headed out to our favorite theater to watch Dead Men Tell No Tales, the latest in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The comedy hit a new high, and the exploration of curses and their ability to be broken was unique. The cinematography was stunning, and I was captivated by all of the places they visited. 

  Since we decided to go see Pirates 5, I thought I would dress for the part. I had ordered two dresses from Sourpuss clothing, I wore the Hellbunny one to see Wonder Woman, and this one with the most adorable neckline and sea creature print I decided would be perfect for Pirates. These pictures were taken a couple of days after my accident, so you can see my foot in all of it's bandaged up glory. I tried not to include it too often. 

 One of the awesome things about doing outfit posts with Alex, is that the more photos we take, the less nervous I am. I almost didn't blush at all during this trip. I'm just so much more used to being behind the camera, or taking pictures of myself by myself, that having someone looking at me, is a little stressful. 

                                   Sourpuss Dress | Walmart Shoes | Torrid Strappy Bralette

                                  Sourpuss Dress | Walmart Shoes | Torrid Strappy Bralette

OOTD: I Saw Wonder Woman, and Lived.

Hi guys,

  Last Saturday, I went to our favorite theater and watched Wonder Woman in 3D with Alex. I will do a proper post all about the film after I see it again so I have a refreshed outlook, but let me just tell you that it was amazing. The soundtrack, the cinematography was breathtaking and the autonomy both Diana and Trevor had was absolutely refreshing. 

 I shared a small tear, but it wasn't sadness, it was literally how proud I was to be alive at a time that a film about a female hero could be created with such a refreshing amount of intersectionality in their feminism. DC really messed up not using their PR budget to the fullest, they really failed to make ms. Jenkins a Glass Cliff, her film was the best live action thing DC has made in decades. 

 In Monday's post, I shared a picture of me posing next to the display for Wonder Woman. I wanted to do a before and an after, but when I went back to where I remembered seeing it last, it wasn't there. It really made me unhappy that the film had only been out for two days, and they had already gotten rid of it, so I had to make do with the lit backdrop of her poster. 

 My dress is from Sourpuss Clothing and is created by Hellbunny. One of the things I like the most about sourpuss is that they have plus sizes. I'm annoyed that plus sizes are a thing, you should make clothing that is going to fit all women, you shouldn't have to separate and categorize them that way, but I would rather have a special grouping, then not able to wear it at all I suppose. 

We went to the store after the film and me still being full of fluffy good feelings about Wonder Woman, went slightly silly with the purchasing of her wares. It was awesome to me, she had pretty much her own aisle, full of dolls completely with action moves, she could pull an arrow, or put up her shield, they had pillows and throws, t-shirts, and a sword with a button that made 6 different battle sounds. 

 Now... Let's be honest here,  out of the things I just listed, what do you think I purchased? Spoiler, it wasn't the pillows and covers. I literally battled with myself for 10 minutes not to buy the barbie dolls.... I instead went with two t-shirts, the sword, and a poster. Also, in case you guys were not aware, I am an ABSOLUTE dork, and yes, I am in love with the sword, I plan on displaying it on a shelf in the living room. 

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OOTD: A Day in Newport.

Hi Gang!

 You have not gone crazy, the title has not failed you, I have in fact decided to go back to my fashion roots and start up outfit posts again. I've started really caring about how I've been dressing again and I am really excited to start dong outfit posts  Now that I've forced Alex to start taking more pictures of me, so expect to see lots of outfits in the future. 

 We headed down to the levee to see Baywatch. If you know me, you'll know that comedies are pretty hit or miss for me. I am not a fan of penis humor, which seems to be the only thing out right now, I'm much more interested in dry humor or campy humor. Baywatch had that for me. I've never seen the T.V. Show, but I definitely enjoyed the movie. 

 I feel like people take comedy much too seriously sometimes, the movie may just need to make you laugh and that's it. It doesn't need a complex message, and it doesn't need to be too serious, just be self aware and make people laugh. That would be my mission if I was creating a comedy. The Rock definitely stole the show though. 

 They had a ginormous display for Wonder Woman that I just couldn't pass up. Whenever I go to the movies, I always take pictures with the displays, it is one of my favorite things to do. I'm wearing a zip up skater dress from Rue 21. I originally bought it for my Eevee costume, and it fits so perfectly that it has just made it into my dress collection. Lace loafers from payless, and my letter from Hogwarts bag is from Hot Topic. 

 Alex and I spent a good portion of the day after the film exploring Newport. We actually went under the bridge and there were so many cool places to shoot. There was a very industrial feel to one side under the bridge. The other side of the bridge had a desert wall, sedimentary look which was pretty cool. I've been wanting to do more photography and actually getting out of my house so these spots were perfect!

  Rue 21 Rum Dress / Hot Topic Harry Potter Bag / H+M Flower headband

 Rue 21 Rum Dress / Hot Topic Harry Potter Bag / H+M Flower headband

 What did you guys think about Baywatch? How did my 2nd outfit of the year go? Lets chat about it on Twitter and Instagram, maybe you can give me some tips!

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