Series #59: YOU Season one: Pilot

Hey Gang!

I actually had the opportunity to read You by Caroline Kepnes at the beginning of the year, and I was so enthralled. You is about a boy who falls in love with a girl, and becomes obsessed. He stalks her, follows her home, strategically studies her life so he can find the best way to “run into her” and have her fall in love with him. The novel was striking, terrifying, electrifying and really made me think about what I share about myself online.


I’d heard that You was going to be adapted into a mini series and I was excited because the book was just that good, you didn’t want it to end. Then I saw the trailer, and knew I was going to be watching it. Our Main Character Joe, is played by Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl Fame, and who didn’t love Dan? C’mon now. Last weekend the pilot aired, and it was so perfectly crafted from the novel, that I just know I’m going to be hooked.

In the Pilot, we meet our pivotal cast of characters. Joe Ginsberg, our stalker. Peach, Beck’s best friend. Benji the 3rd, Beck’s on and off again boyfriend. Guinevere Beck, our leading lady. She walks into Joe’s Bookstore looking for a Paula Fox, and his interest is kindled. She pays for her novel with a card, and now he has her full name. He begins to research her, because you have to be careful now a days, and through her social media, he uses google search on a photo and finds her home address.


Now I love a good scary movie, do not get me wrong. The reason people enjoy scary movies, is because its a step away from what they know. If you’re being chased by someone you aren’t going to run upstairs where you can escape. If someone is threatening you over the phone, you would hang up and call the police. You wouldn’t babysit in a home you don’t know and leave the windows open/unlocked. Its a power struggle because you know what you would do and you want those characters to do the same so they can be as safe as you are in real life.

The very real difference between horror novels and films compared to this television program is that everything that has happened so far and will continue to happen has probably happened to every person watching. I know just recently I used my card to buy books from my local book shop. I’ve had very “helpful” book clerks talk to me and follow me around the store. I’ve definitely been polite with people I come in contact with, possibly even flirted. I know I’ve taken photos of things and myself near, or at the front of my house. All of these things have happened to me, and have happened to Beck, except now Beck is being stalked.


This lifetime drama is doing what Lifetime does so well, scare the bejeezus out of you by showing you fictional depictions of things that can and MIGHT happen to you. You could be next, and thats why it’s going to be an amazing series. It’s taking Romantic Comedies, where most things happening now are done in the same context, but with a “non - threatening” man and so its deemed to be acceptable, because he gets the girl in the end.

You details the exact reason why when I and a man I do not know is near each other, I move. You details the exact reason why when I’ve noticed that someone is behind me and has been for more than 1 minute, my phone automatically switches to record sound, and video. You is exactly why I park as close to the front of wherever I am going as possible. You is exactly why I carry a personal alarm and mace.

You will scare the crap out of you and continue to keep you enthralled. Why aren’t you watching yet?

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Series #58: Shades of Blue Season 1

 Hey Gang!

  I started a new show a couple of days ago and I just had to tell you guys about it! Shades of Blue isn’t anything I’ve watched before. Of all the police dramas I’ve watched in my lifetime, I have never seen a show that stared nothing but complicit criminals parading as police officers, I’ve never seen vigilantes on a police force, and honestly, I can’t get enough. 


 You follow the 64th prescient in New York, led by LT. Matt Wozniak, a Bisexual devious mind in charge of keeping his crew together and helping them line their pockets performing slightly illegal deeds. The story starts with Woz’s second in command, Harlee being picked up by the FBI while trying to pull another bookie into their money racketeering scheme. 

 This FBI handler, Stahl wants her to turn on her teammates and Woz, whose like a father to her, or she will go to jail. As soon as I saw Stahl, I knew he wasn’t a good guy, and not just because he was on the wrong side of the protagonists. Something about him screamed corrupt and sexual but more on that later. 

 This show is so unique in that it isn’t painting its criminals in a light that makes you think of them differently, this show is very honest in its portrayal of its characters. I think its my favorite part honestly, the mystery isn’t who did it or even how it was done, but more in the mystery of human nature and just what a human being can do once they’ve been pushed far enough. What a person will do to protect themselves, and the ones they love. 


 It’s a unique way to tell a tried and true viewpoint on the human psyche and how it affects their ability to feel, act and deliberate fact from fiction. The second thing I love about this show is how fast paced it is. I was constantly holding my breath and sitting ramrod straight waiting for the next thing to happen, the next person to be betrayed, the next murder to be committed, the next heist to occur. 

 Shades of Blue will keep you on the edge of your chair, and wondering what will happen next with baited breath. It shot out of the gate with the speed of a locomotive and it had no thoughts of even possibly slowing down. The season finale culminated in more than 5 deaths, two FBI informants, $12 million dollars of missing money and one fall guy. I can’t wait to see what happens in season 2!

Have you watched Shades of Blue? Let’s trade theories on Twitter!

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Spokhette On Youtube #84: Is Veronica Mars Coming Back?

 Hey Gang!

   I feel like I talk about how much I love Veronica Mars a lot on here, but I heard a rumor the other day that Veronica Mars might be getting a revival series on Hulu. I need this to be true! I couldn't keep it to myself so I decided to make a video about it! It was the perfect video to get back into the swing of things!

  Here's what I need to happen. 

- They bring back Veronica, Wallace, and Mac, They're all together in their own Detective Agency. 


- Veronica is with Logan or at least someone who is interesting and will care for her. 

- For Veronica and the gang to continue to battle the corruption in Neptune. 


Are you excited for Veronica to be back? Let's talk about it on Twitter!

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Batwoman Coming to The CW?

 Hey Gang!

  I seem to be on a roll with these television posts. Maybe I should have read a few more sites before I made my post. Generally, nothing else pops up to surprise me after I write a post like that, but with SDCC going on, I should have thought about that before I wrote it. 


 I stopped watching the CW DC Universe around season 2 of Arrow, season 2 of Flash, middle of season 2 of Supergirl and the 5th episode of Legends of Tomorrow. As much as I enjoy DC comics and their characters, none of the shows chosen really give love to my favorite characters, so I eventually lost interest. Although, I’m still really enjoying Black Lightning. 


  I’m a huge Batman fan, just in case you didn’t know, as much as I enjoy the other characters in DC’s Canon, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Batman and his extended family. They’re introducing Batwoman, Kate Kane into the next crossover event for the CW and hopefully will be getting her own show afterwards. They are looking for a lesbian actress of open ethnicity, and I’m so here for it, CW just knows exactly how to real me back in. 


Are you excited for Kate Kane? Let’s Talk about it on Twitter!

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First Thoughts Titans Trailer

 Hey Gang!

  I know I literally just posted about television shows I was looking forward to but somehow I forgot about Titans. The Live action series about Teen Titans on DC Universe, the pay to watch streaming service that DC is going to roll out in the next coming months. I was already excited about the show, and wanting to see it, when I saw the trailer was released and I thought what a better time to write about it?


  I was already excited about Titans because it was live action, I was going to get to see my fictional bae on the screen non-animated, which hasn’t happened since 1966. * We’re all ignoring Batman Forever, even though that Robin was pretty cute too.* I’m going to talk about three things I liked, and three things I hope they fix before it airs. 

- I am absolutely in love with the way Starfire looks.  Like everything is perfect, I’m in love with her hair, her eyes, the fact that everything about her glows, literally, I’m so excited to see her in action. 


- That it obviously takes place after Robin’s time with Batman. Which I love, so many people don’t think about Dick Grayson as anything other than the original robin and he’s so much more than that. 

- I love the dark mood that it’s obviously meant to possess. After Teen Titans Go, and the other animated renditions of the titans, I’m ready for something a bit more grown up. 

Here are the things I hope they get fixed before the first episode airs.

 - I didn’t see Cyborg at all... I’m hoping it’s because they’re still putting together the costume and  casting it. I’m really hoping that they don’t leave him out because of the animated films pushing him to the League, he’s an integral member and I really want to see him there. 

- It’s so OBVIOUS that Raven is younger than the rest of the crew... I am not certain exactly how I feel about that, but I wish they’d do something about it... Unless it’s integral to the plot, I feel like she should be the same age as everyone else. 


- I’m a little uneasy about Dick with a gun, but it looks like he’s a detective or police officer in this? I’m hoping the blood on his chin, is from his escrima deflecting others bullets, I don’t know how I feel about him having a gun, especially since his parents were murdered by a mobster, who if I’m not certain, shot the ropes... I’m hoping that perhaps it just looks that way but isn’t for certain, besides it’s Teen Titans, nothing is as it seems. 

What did you think about the trailer? Let’s chat about it on Twitter!

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Series #57: Television shows I’m looking forward too.

 Hey Gang!

  I generally don’t do list posts about television programs, but I started thinking why not and here we are. With so many awesome and interesting shows coming out within the next year or so, I thought it would be fun to list some of the shows I’m super excited about watching. 

- Thundercats Roar: I know people are complaining about the art style, but I AM SO HERE FOR IT! That trailer was all I needed their so cute, and adorable and I can’t wait to watch it! 


- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Because DUH! See: A Chat w/ Robert Hack, Things I love about Sabrina and more. I was really hoping that the finale of Riverdale was going to tie in to Sabrina, but alas, that didn’t happen. 


- She-Ra: Written by one of my favorite comic writers, I literally can’t wait to watch it, while I’m not thrilled about the design, ( I was really hoping for older teen/adult she-ra) I am none the less thrilled to watch it!


- Burden Of Truth: I don’t think I will ever tire of mysteries, lawyer shows or anything that’s going to cause me to use my noodle in a deductive manner. 

- The innocents: Supernatural, British? Need I say more, I am hoping for a more diverse cast, because I know there’s more than one black actor in Britain, but I won’t hold my breath. 

مسلسل الأبرياء The Innocents، ما تراه ليس هو ما تراه! واحد من أجمل مسلسلات سنة 2018 المنتظرة - Aflam Talk.jpg

- One Dollar: A unique spin on bringing a group together, and lets be honest, all you have to say is Murder and I’ll sit down to watch. *See below for confirmation*

- Magnum P.I. : I was excited about the reboot when it was in its early stages, people were talking about a female Magnum and I was so for that, however, now it’s getting ready to premiere, and all of a sudden the sidekick is female...I’m hoping that she puts him and his mysoginistic ass through the wringer, but here’s hoping. 


- Rent Live!: Grease was really good, and Rent’s songs alone are amazing so I’m hoping that they’ll do it justice. I’m looking forward to it, because I absolutely love musicals, and there’s no better way to celebrate them than to sit on your couch in comfy clothes and sing along with the television. 


What are you looking forward too? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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