2012 Resolutions

 Every year  I make a list of resolutions, but it is very difficult for me to finish them.  I would like this year to be different.  Here's my list of resolutions.

-Lose 70 pounds.
-Get My license.
-Get my apartment.
-Stop Procrastinating!- I did a little better this year, but next year I wanna delete it completely.
-Bring the shop back from the dead and actually make it work this year.
-Complete all the projects  I didn't in 2011. Tehe, There are BUNCHES!
-Expand My Makeup Collection.
-Expand My musical tastes/Collection.
-Attempt a yarn bombing. (I would like to try Someplace no one would expect like OTR, or PH, or Even NXS! That would be hilarious!
-Get My hair Shoulder length by the end of the year.

What are you guys Resolutions?

Mistress Out,

Neophyte: Tutorial: Easter Comes Early

 The look I wore with my Hawaiian Patchwork outfit.  All colors are from Shany's 120 vivid color palate. Super bright and simple! I hope you guys enjoy.

Mistress Out,

Handheld Mistress #4: Spin me a yarn will ya?

 The second video game we got for Christmas was Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii. I don't think I have had the pleasure of playing a more adorable game in my entire existence on this little blue and green marble than Kirby's Epic Yarn. The Journey Follows Kirby and Prince Fluff as they try to re-connect the 6 worlds. Gianna and I played for 2 days, and we already have 3 of the six slices of world stitched together. You are fighting an evil overlord named Yin-Yarn. You can transform into a parachute, a weight, a car,  a submarine and a tank. Co-oping mode is adorable and it even allows you to use each other to get further.  I can't tell you how many times I yarn Whipped Gi on top of my head so I could continue with our journey, ( She's so easily distracted).


Mistress Out,


Handheld Mistress #3: When The streets run red with blood

I hope all had a wonderful Christmas!!! My Christmas was great, I spent time with my family, and it actually went well. I was pleasantly surprised. We got 2 new video games this year, and I thought I would show them off to you! The one I'm writing about  is Splatterhouse! A Super Awesome/Gruesome game for the Ps3. I know. I know. I'm supposed to be the handheld mistress, But I can't help it if I step out every now and again..

  Splatterhouse follows a man that has just been brutally murdered, and as he dies he watches his girlfriend/fiance Jennifer get dragged off by this mad doctor, and you raise your hand toward her body being dragged away while your entrails have just dropped out of your stomach. Are we interested yet Fellas??? Your hand grazes a skull mask, and the protaganist of our story.

 You want to save your girlfriend, so of course you put on the mask (similar to signing a contract with blood) Which is basically the gist of the game. You run around killing zombies and other undead creatures, with either your bare hands or weapons found throughout the mansion. So Far, I have discovered a floorboard with nails on the top, An Axe, A 2X4, and there are skulls on the wall. They have spikes when a certain amount of blood is spilled. Once the Spikes appear you can kill the monsters that way, and that allows you to proceed to the next stage.

 All in all its a touch monotonous and gory, but seeing as its rated M, I'm pretty sure that's what they wanted.

Mistress Out,


OOTD: Purple Petals

I wore this outfit when I went to get my hair done. I am in love with this top I found at Forever 21. Whenever I shop there it always seems like a complete hit or miss. Either I like something and I'll buy it that moment, or I traipse through the entire store and find nothing that interests me. Curiously enough, Whenever I go by myself, I hardly ever find anything that I like, or am willing to pay for. 

Mid-riff Tank: Forever 21 $10.50
Half Sleeve jacket w/lace back: Charlotte Russe $15
Bell Bottom Jeans: Charlotte Russe $20

Mistress Out,

OOTD: Hawaiian Patchwork

 So, When I posted the preview of the harajuku mini's collection early this month, I was serious about getting back to my fashion roots. I even went and got a tripod for taking my outfit pictures, Since the new year is right around the corner, I wanted to Get back to it, and stick to it, So here's one of the two outfits I wore during Christmas Weekend.

Arizona V-neck quarter sleeve: Goodwill $2.50
Unknown Patchwork Tea length Skirt: Goodwill $4.50

Mistress Out,