Comics #20: My 8 Favorite Comics of 2015!

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 I'm back with more end of the year goodness. I will keep this short and sweet, because the video games post definitley ran a little bit long. I know some of you are wondering about the end of the Comic Palooza list, DON'T WORRY its coming! I was going to slate them for this week release but I decided to push them back a bit so I could give you guys these awesome lists, so it will finish up the week after next and then we'll be onto new comics books for the new year! Just like with the games post, I don't have them in any particular order these are just titles that I thoroughly enjoyed this year.

Mystery Girl (Dark Horse):

Even though it didn't start until closer to the end of the year. I am in LOVE with this series. You follow a girl named Trine, who can solve any mystery you bring her way, except how she can do it. The only Sidewalk detective, you know the adventure is bound to be good, especially with her heading off to Siberia to find Wooly Mammoths.

Batgirl (DC):

Gail Simone is a master. Her writing is bar none. When Batgirl got a new creative team I was concerned I wouldn't like it. I shouldn't have fretted, Brenden Fletcher has become one of my favorite writers in the short span of a year. Babs Tarr, my favorite artist, under Dustin (Little Gotham will never be forgotten. ) I love how much lighter the story has gotten. It's just an easy read and with the art and the delightful new characters, I hope this Batgirl is around to stay for some time.

Gotham Academy (DC):

Also written by Fletcher, this mystery solving duo in a boarding school crack me up! Its like batman, Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo all rolled into one, what more could you ask for? Olive is a diverse and unique girl trying to uncover the mystery of her mother.Let me know if Maps is you're favorite too. She is an adorable underclassman with a huge imagination and an even bigger curiousity to explore the mysteries of her boarding school. I mean, its even got ghosts! Plus all the cameos? Batman, Red Robin, Damian, it goes on and on!

Monstress (Image):

A MUCH Darker story than the ones mentioned above. Monstress follows Meika a hybrid with disabilities as she tries to stay alive, stay out of slavery and solve the mysteries of where she comes from and where she's supposed to be going. The art is one of the most glorious I've seen splash pages this year, and the story is just starting to get good. Issue two was released last week and I hope everyone went out and go it, I can't wait to see what occurs in the new year.

Zodiac Starforce (Dark Horse):

Waiting for more Sailor Moon Crystal? Still haven't gotten your fix? Well look no further than this story! Its got all the color, more diversity and all the magical girlness that you are missing from your life, Plus more space and astronomy signs then you can shake a stick at. The characters are adorable and well rounded, and even though the story has just started, I already have a favorite and look forward to more adventures in the new year, plus the villians are serious, and an actual challenge for our heroes.

Bombshells (DC):

Based off popular art series of the same title, this comic series features a portion of DC heroines that you may know and love, but is severly lacking on the diversity. I love the art and the story, all DC heroines being gathered up by Amanda Waller to be used as part of a female military operation during World War II to fight Nazis, but DC has a HUGE roster of Female characters and a lot of them are not being used. I love the way the title started and I'm hoping into the next year they will expand the diversity of the characters being featured. Still a great read though.

A-Force (Marvel):

I was so excited when this series started, the first all female Avengers team? How could you say no? So many women were featured on the front cover I was so excited to see more. Although the (Secret Wars Prequel) series has ended they will release an ongoing series later in the year. I'm hoping for way more characters to be featured in the story, and even though Marvel seems to be the forerunner for diversity as of lately (Captain America, Thor, Miss Marvel) A-Force falls flat. The characters that run the story are all main ones you've heard of before no one new, and Miss America (Latina) gets tossed out of the story within the first two issues.

Silk (Marvel):

I've never been a huge Spider-man fan before. I've watched the cartoons, I've seen the movies, but I never read the stories. I tried Spider-woman and that was just terrible (Looking at you Bendis), so I had kind of gave up on it. Until I saw Cindy Moon! She's so adorable and close to Peter Parker, and able to fit into the main story line without having to create their own universe (Ahem Spider-Gwen) Plus, I just marvel at the diversity featured in this comic. I love that they continued the series after its (Secret Wars Prequel) because I wanted to see how Cindy was going to do against other villains than just Black Cat. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE CUTESY ART!!!

What have you been reading lately? Did you have any favorites from the year before? Tell me all about it on


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My 10 Favorite Games of 2015!

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 I'm back from Christmas Hiatus and I feel super well rested and ready to get back into the blogging groove of things. I haven't ever done this type of post before but I realized that going into the new year I wanted to try new things and I also wanted to take you guys along for the ride.  What better way to finish out the year then going over the awesome things that came out of it? For the entire week, I will be going over my favorite Video Games, Comics/Book and Film/Television of 2015 and I hope you'll join me for this unprecendeted event! So Since, you are here, lets get started!!! For the year of 2015, I have only owned a 3DSXL and a PS3, so those will be the only ones featured. I want them to be ranked and based on my experience and performance of the game, NOT how popular they are. You can get that old news anywhere.
Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS):  So I have to be honest, other than Kirby's Epic Yarn, I have never played a Kirby Game. When I came across Triple Deluxe in Game Stop, I fell in love. The colors and the music and even the game play was perfect. Although, I have died quite a few too many times trying to discover if there are hidden crevices holding sweets or sunstones, the game is a 9.5 on the fun scale. Not only are you able to play as Kirby climbing the beanstalk ladder to get his home back to normal, but you also have the opition of playing as King Dedede Drum Dashl; a rythim based game and ALSO using Kirby and any one of his awesome skills to defend your title in Kirby Fighters! It has a little bit of everything for everyone. I absolutely adore How cute Kirby is, and I am kicking myself for not trying him out sooner.

Persona Q (3DS): I know I have written about Persona Q a few times on the blog over the past year. Persona Q is an easy to jump into RPG with Two tracks for you to explore. Persona 4 or Persona 3 and even though I had never experienced a Persona game before it wasn't hard to get into the groove, especially with how awesome the music is. The art is beautiful and you don't lose anything playing on the 3DS compared to the PS3, sure the characters are SD, but they don't cut any corners! I love the alice in Wonderland ish style of Labyrinth and I love being able to combine different characters to create awesome moves to destroy my enemies. The ability to splice persona's together is pretty smooth too.

Pokemon Shuffle (3DS): As a huge fan of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge for the GBA (I still own and play often), it was super nice to have a puzzle game with pokemon for a new generation. Although its not the same as the original, its puzzle-y enough to sate my thirst when I need a break from Professor Layton. I love the super crazy combos that you're able to create, all by moving the right pokemon I also the love the multiplayer aspect to it, the ability for spot pass and playing online, is pretty neat. Plus it pretty much updates when your system does so it never gets old. I love the little tournaments and online scoring it has, I love seeing the new secret pokemon.

Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS): If you didn't know already I'm a pretty big Pokemon Fan, so when they gave me the ability to replay one of my old favorites with new tricks, how could I say no? The only thing that I wasn't a fan of ; they introduced customizability with X and Y characters and then they took it away! However, it was very nice to see some old favorites again, including my buddies Ralts and Shroomish. I fell in love with the ability to creep up on unsuspecting pokemon and be rewarded with unique stats and moves. (Is that creepy?) I wasn't a fan of not being able to have a Pikachu, but since it was only for one game I guess I'll survive.

Professor Layton V.s Ace Attorney (3DS): I'll keep this brief, I know I go on about Professor Layton a lot, but it really is because its an amazing game! I love the way they put this game together. The ability to not only solve missions as either Herschel or Phoenix but together as they save isabella from Certain doom in the courtroom. I love how interactive the game is, you really feel like you are there running for you life from simple country folk that hate magic. If you like a good puzzle game, or you are interested in getting more Professor Layton or Ace Attorney action, this Game is IT!

Bravely Default (3DS): I have waited two years to play this game. Two years, and now as I have spent the last three days straight I can tell you that it was worth EVERY MINUTE. The picture is FLAWLESS, the art, orgasmically beautiful and it is one of the few games I enjoy playing with the sound on. I generally don't like RPG's because they are very time consuming and I am not the most patient gamer, HOWEVER, this game is preetty neat! I'm only on level 6 but as you continue to battle other fighters, you can collect a unique set of skills to create the ultimate battle formation. Right now I'm a monk, and Tiz looks so adorable in his monk uniform and his new found martial arts skills. My Agnes's is a White Mage now, I see a cosplay in my near future.

FairyTale Fights (PS3): I am a huge fan of open world melee rpg games. I'm just not about that drop down menu life. This one is super fun. The ability to grab almost anything and use it as a weapon, following only slightly twisted fairy tales stories that we know and love, and being able to get away with bloody murder. And then slide around in it. This bloody great game (See what I did there?) is all about wreaking the most havoc on your enemies. They actually count up how many seriously violent kills you have had, and how much blood was shed, whoever has the most wins the round. The characters are adorably morbid and easily recognizable you get the choice of Snow White, Jack, The Naked Emperor and Little Red Riding Hood.

Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3): Although, I have played both the arcade and super version of this game, Ultra was BETTER. Having access to literally almost all of the Street Fighter characters in history, it is also THE fighting Tournament version. If you were even thinking about competing this is the version for you. I actually picked up for the sole purpose of competing. It's a fun time playing with others online, the only thing I'd have to say is to look out for the lag. I had some serious problems with online play for the first couple of weeks I had it. If you've been a fan of Street Fighter Since Alpha (like me) this is the game for you, and its also a good way to get into it if you are interested in getting used to the story before Five comes out...Whenever that may be.

Code Of Princess (3DS): Another Hack and Slash RPG, I love the melee attacks. I also love that three out of four of your team are all female. I love how sweet and caring the Princess is, even if the combo's make my fingers ache. I love this game becuase the music is decent and the dialogue between characters are pretty funny. I love the Necromancer, her wit reminds me of the likes of Veronica Mars, which is always a win if you ask me. I like that the game doesn't take itself to seriously, even the villians make jokes at each others expense and when you defeat something, it gets added to your character list, if you finish the game, you are able to play as anything you EVER fought against, I can't wait to start beating up the generals as trees. That's just going to be awesome.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (DS): I know this is a super oldie, but I never tried any lego games before so this is TOTALLY NEW FOR ME! Why in the world did it take me so long? I must have been hiding behind the pain of cramped feet and stubbed toes, from my childhood. Those things were deadly! However, with the game you can have the fun of building without the pain! Plus, its full of puzzle and HARRY POTTER! I'm in love. I've been playing it on and off for the past couple of months and its pretty awesome and just a breeze. Its not so ridiculously easy, that you shouldn't bother with it, but its a nice puzzle game you could play when you are taking a break from ridiculously difficult math puzzles that plague me on the daily.

So those are my 10 top favorite games of this year? What are yours? What have you been Playing lately? Tell me on Twitter!!!

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Christmas Hiatus!

Hey Gang!

I know there haven't been any posts this week, but that would be because I'm taking a hiatus! I will resume posting on Monday the 28th. I want to take this time thank you guys for being with me through the holidays and the rest of the year. I'd like to take this week to relax, work on new posts and videos for you guys and spend the time with my family and friends, and you should do the same. Life is too short, to not spend it with loved ones!
 Before I leave you, I put up a post about a visit to a Japanese Sushi and Sweets Shop, and A Japanese Grocery Near me! I'll See you guys on Monday! And I wish you a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Wonderful Yule!


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November Favorites!

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 I know I know, I am as surprised as you are about this blogging schedule. I've got posts on all the days that I am supposed plus, there are videos this week! So if you haven't stopped by the YOUTUBE you should. There's fun new stuff, for you to check out. Now I know its the middle of December, but its never too late for last months favorites! So here's all the stuff that I loved from last month!

- Getting a job at Arcadian Comics.

- Running my 2nd successful Giveaway.

- Finished Two full seasons of Murder She Wrote.

- Had my First mixed Drink: Fuzzy Navel.

- Falling in Love with Kirby Triple Deluxe for the Nintendo 3DS

- Having so much fun at Thanksgiving with my families.

- Taking out my gauges. Started wearing regular earrings again.

- Celebrating Two years with Alex.

What were some of your favorite things this November? Tell me Below! Lets talk!

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Spokhette On Youtube #9: The Hunt for the Perfect Dress and High Tea Antics

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 I know posting has been kind of wonky, but I have been so crazy busy!! This past weekend I was on the hunt for the perfect dress for Alex's holiday work party. But work kept getting in the way. I was thinking to myself, I'll look for a dress Tuesday Morning, then it was Wednesday Morning, then the next thing I know its the day of at 2 P.M. and I'm scouring the racks in the mall looking for something elegant and still me. Ugh, I hate how time gets away from me like that. I can wake up with the best intentions, a whole list of things that I know I want to do, and get accomplished, and then suddenly, its 4 P.M. and I"M LIKE WHERE DID THE DAY GO?!?!?!

 That's why I'm so mobile, Why my mini has a keyboard, because I don't have enough time at home to do what I need to get done, it has to come along with me! I stopped into Hot Topic and got this super pretty Burgundy Filigree Skull Velvet Dress, and it had an oval keyhole in the back, as soon as I saw it, I was like this is it! Then I picked up a few pairs of earrings, and some Totoro Tights, and then I was off, looking for the perfect heels for the event.

 I'm shorter than Alex so I absolutely love any opportunity to wear heels. It makes me feel good, and puts us on equal footing. (See what I did there?) So I hopped over to Rue 21, and low and behold there they were. Black platform Wedges with straps. They were glorious! Like there was sunshine light auras and everything! I tried them on and walked around the shop and I was so excited, I picked them up and then drove home.

 We got dressed and Drove off to the party. We Parked. We opened the door. We stepped outside the car. I stepped forward. And there went my strap. Just COMPLETELY BROKE OFF. Thank goodness, I decided to bring my flats so I could drive home, because otherwise, I'd have walked into the party barefoot. I WAS SO AGGRAVATED, Like I can't even describe it, I was seething for the first hour. Then we ate the most delicious greenbeans. Its not even...I can't... Ah, It was on point! I had three helpings, there was a baked Potato Bar, AND PRIME RIB!! I was thoroughly full, the food was GREAT!

 There was a dance Contest AND we played ping pong. I've never had so much fun playing Ping Pong before! Alex and I played each other and then we played another couple, and it felt like a game of badminton. It was a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

  On Sunday, My mother invited me to High Tea at the Cincinnatian Hotel. I love her to death, but that was probably the WORST day to have High Tea Downtown. It was a football game, and some other event that had Downtown in the worst traffic jam I had ever seen. Google said it was only 6 minutes away, but it took me 15 minutes to park, and then walk to the Cincinnatian. I'm not sure if its ever come up on the blog before, but I do NOT like Tea, or Coffee. So I was really excited when I realized that they had regular Soda. I had Sprite in a wine glass, I felt pretty fancy, if I do say so myself.

 My Sister ordered Chicken and Waffle (S) even though there was only one, but she seemed to like it ok. My Cousin ordered Steak and Egg Flatbread and Crepes. I would have gotten the crepes as well, but they had coconut Quinoa in them, and I'm allergic. I got Pancakes and a Side of Potatoes. My Mother got the House Breakfast and a Dutch Apple Pancake. I wasn't able to taste that one either, nuts were sprinkled over it. We took a horse carriage ride around the block, and stopped by the book store. All in All, this past weekend was so much fun, and I even remembered to vlog a little! I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. If you are liking these kinds of posts, please let me know. I'm trying to come up with new content and I want to make sure that its content you guys are going to want to read! See ya Next Time!!

What did you guys do for the weekend? Tell me on


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Hey Ladies! This one's for you!

Hey Gang!

 With the Holidays coming up so fast, a lot of people are still looking for Christmas Presents (Cough Alex Cough), So let me help ya out! I was contacted by Jenny, who runs a subscription service called FanMail, and its just for the lady geeks in our lives!

 This Month's Theme is "Toon Time" and each box is filled with Curated items centered around that theme for the month. Most boxes include: exclusive Comics, T-shirts, Jewelry, Stationary and more! With each box having a retail value of over $50 how can you say no?  Whats awesome about December's Theme is that on top of all the mystery it includes a SUBSCRIBER ONLY VARIANT COVER OF LUMBERJANES #21!

 The thing that makes this box stand out the most to me, is that it is a subscription box for us by us! Not only is it full of awesome Fandom items that we are interested in, but it is supplied by small businesses that are owned, ran, operated by Women! (Who RUNS THE WORLD GIRLS?!)

 Now for the best part.  If for some ODD reason, you are still wondering why you should go with this subscription service, I have a coupon code for you!!!

When purchasing just use my code: NERDETTE to save!!!

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