Favorite Films of 2016

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 Almost complete! Today Film, and Tomorrow Comics! I know it's a Saturday, but I couldn't leave Comics out! They're my bread and butter. I watched quite a few films this year, my wallet was telling me while I was outlining this post, but I will only be mentioning a few. I also realized that I liked these films so much that every single one mentioned has a post dedicated to it, so this will be super short. lets GO! I am literally dying for the new year to start, c'mon 2017!!

Now You See Me Pt. 2 : Really needs no introduction or review. I have an entire post dedicated to it, along with outfit details. I loved it so much I went and bought the blu-ray. I have a ps3 and a ps4, wanna know how many blu-rays I own? 3 I own 3. I love the characters in this one, they were so fleshed out this time. I love that all the holes in the first film are fleshed out and filled in the sequel. Sometimes Sequels leave a little to be desired, but I think this one did well, and my favorite part is the card scene.

Return of the Caped Crusaders: As a ginormous fan of 66' Batman view this vid for more, I absolutely had to see this movie when it came out. I absolutely loved it, of course, there were a few issues, but nothings perfect right? If you wanna know more, you can read my review here. 

Star Trek Beyond: My namesake. Need I say more? This movie made me cry, for all my feels, you can read the Huge Post I dedicated to it.

Batman: Bad Blood : Other than an amazing Taylor Swift Parody. This animated film broke some barriers. The first time we saw Batwing animated, and can we talk about how he's named after the apendage of the bat, like he couldn't become his own person? The only Character of Color? Come better D.C.  Also, the introduction of Batwoman, a spattering of humor, but we only got a peek at these two, I need more D.C. I need more. Heres a full review. 

Zootopia: A Masterpiece. This film gave me all the feels, and only made me more adamant about demanding a safe place. Here's the full review. 

Little Witch Academia

: Before this, I'd never seen anything from Trigger, but I am a woman obsessed. I watched both short films, but I definitely need more. My favorite Character is Sucy and she has already climbed to nearly the top of my Cosplay list. I NEED to wear her to a convention, perhaps I'll unveil her for C2E2, if you'd like to read the full review, it can be found here.

What Films are on your re-watch list for 2016? Let us talk about them on Twitter ! 

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Series #37: Favorite Television Shows of 2016

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 I'm beginning to run out of days, so I am combining topics. I will be considering Anime as part of this topic just to conserve space. I know they are two wildly things. I watched a lot of television this year, I was surprised about just how many I completed before the year ended. I generally don't watch a lot of television but thanks to Hulu, CrunchyRoll and Netflix, I had the perfect companions for the job.

Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless: I won't go into much detail about this title, I wrote an entire post about it after I finished it. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was funny and refreshing and I definitely have a soft spot for Tanaka-kun. I recommend it to every single person I can, I feel that it is a must-watch. If you'd like to know more you can read my full review.

New Game: I wrote about the first 4 episodes here. I have since continued the series. Its just a cute, fun and adorable series. A female run Gaming agency, creating a new game in a series of rpg's for the PZ3 and there's an office cat, what else is needed? 

Luke Cage : I also write a full series review for this series. Alex and I finished it the weekend it came out. I won't expand too much. I loved the series, but not the way it ended, and I want a lot more. so Sweet Christmas, Netflix needs to hurry up!

Bunkuro Stray Dogs: Is a super unique anime that I am currently into. I am working my way through Season 1 and I am very glad that Season 2 is already there waiting on me. I much rather burn through a series than wait for the next season, if you didn't know by now, I am NOT a patient person. The series follows a Detective Agency who have special abilities, based on Japanese Writers. I am absolutely in LOVE. Osamu is currently my favorite Character.

Pretty Little Liars: I've been there since the beginning, and I honestly have to say, that I need to know how it ends. I was there for every cliffhanger, every fingernail biting moment, and with this final season coming up, I am waiting for bated breath to figure out what happens next, and all I have to say is I better See Spencer next season or ELSE!

Stitchers: Honorable Mention. I practically blazed through the first season, just in time for the 2nd season to go onto Hulu, and then it just kind of stopped. I'm hoping that there is a 2nd half to the 2nd season, or that they are gearing up for a 3rd season, because I have to have more Camille! I just have to. She was my favorite character, and even kiersten is starting to grow on me. I have a season review here. 

Are any of these shows on your favorites list? Lets chat about it on Twitter !

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Favorite Music of 2016

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 Thought I would continue the momentum I've got going on right now. I generally don't talk about music on Nerdette At Large. Not because I don't listen to it, but simply because music just is. It's hard to quantify it. I've always admired music bloggers, because I don't understand how to describe music except for how it makes me feel.

 You'll notice there are quite a few rap songs on my list. Here's my criteria. There are three things that make a rapper decent to me. Lyrical difficulty. I love learning rap verses, it's a guilty pleasure. Musical Flow. This can pertain to the beat or how the lyrics are crafted together. I like a super smooth flow.

  Rappers like Chief Keef and Jay-Z turn me off because to me they sound like cars trying to turn over. Put- put- put. The songs message. What are they trying to tell me? Even if they used SAT words and phrases put to the smoothest jazz beat they could muster, only to talk about selling drugs and or getting "bitches", then what was the point?  So here are a few songs that made me feel, or were on repeat for the year of 2016.


Hamilton, The OST

: Hamilton has been in the news quite a bit this year. A hip-hop Broadway play, re-telling the life of Alexander Hamilton, the face of the $10 bill, with a full cast of color, who has quite an open door policy when it comes to their opinions of the new POTUS and friends. I had never heard any of the music but had read all the love on the timeline, and then discovered the entire soundtrack on youtube. I have been listening to it on repeat since, I almost have all the words down. Honorable mention songs are: Burn, Aaron Burr, Sir and Non Stop.


Body Language- San E

: San E, a Korean rapper, has been on my phone for quite some time, but this song he outdid himself. I downloaded his newest album and also had Dishes and Sour Grapes on repeat for quite some time, I think I even mentioned them in a monthly favorites post. However, the lyrical prowess presented in this song and the topic, gives it a spot near the top of my list. The video is pretty funny as well.


Mama- Louie

: Louie is making his solo career after the success of Geeks, and I am absolutely loving it. I have about four or five of his solo tracks on my playlist, but the reason Mama makes the list is partly the lyrical prowess, and the subject matter. What can I say? I dig a rapper that can express himself and what he's trying to say flawlessly to a beat. Even without speaking the language, I can follow the beat, and sometimes that just good enough for me. It also reminds me of D-Pryde's homage track to his mom : Proud.


Good Times-Paloalto

: Another repeat song of the year. This is the smoothest rap song I'd heard in quite some time. Every time I hear it I just sway. There's just something about it.

Cake- Melanie Martinez

: A fan since her Voice win, this song has definitely risen through the ranks. It even made it to the Karaoke lineup! A pretty decent anthem for women who are more than just a pretty face as well. I just dig her style, she's so unabashedly herself.

What have you guys been listening to this year? Lets have a chat on


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My Favorite Games of 2016

Hey Gang!

 Can you guys believe that the end of the year is almost near? I can't believe that it went by so fast. The beginning wasn't bad, but the last couple of months, have been pretty disasterous, at least for me. I'm not going to rehash my feeling about the election, but if you are interested you can read all about it here.

 I watched a ton of great movies, read a bunch of books, and played quite a few games, I figured I would talk about a few of my favorite games today! For 2016 I had a PS4 and a Nintendo 3DSXL and a "new" 3DSXL. My grouping of favorites is always organized by how much I enjoyed the video game, not how popular it is, or was. I tend to buy games after their prime, so there may be a few older games in the bunch. So without further ado, here we go!

Pokemon Sun 3DS: I pre-ordered both versions because I couldn't decide which one I wanted to play. So, I preordered both and then brought them home. There's a whole video about why I made my decision, and I will be writing about the differences that I noticed while playing and that will be a post in the future. I feel like I'm doing a much better job of training and evolving my pokemon, I've made it far as the third island and fighting the Kahuna. I even caught a Pichu evolve into Pikachu, which just made my life. Pichu's only evolve, if they love you and they are leveled up.

Project X Zone 2 3DS: This is a game that has been on a constant cycle all year, I think I'm down to the last few levels, but they just started to get all kind of crazy! This game is great as far as cross overs are concerned. It puts other games like Marvel V.S. Capcom to shame. I'm unsure why it is so difficult for different companies to license games like this, but they need to make it way easier, because the game is amazing!! I've been stuck on the same level for the past couple of weeks though, so I'm hoping to pass and complete the game soon!

Pokemon: Omega Ruby 3DS: If you know anything about me, you'll know that I am a huge fan of pokemon. I own pretty much every game, and I've seen every movie. One thing I haven't done however, is complete a game. I wanted to do that with Omega Ruby, since they were pretty much rehashes of the original, but I have a problem keeping up with where I am and staying organized if I stray away from a game for too long. That's pretty much what happened here. Since I am already currently playing Sun, I fear that I won't be touching Ruby for quite some time, but I am hoping that I make some considerable headway later next year. One of my favorite features of this game was sneaking up on the pokemon shadows in tall grass. It made me feel like I was really there.

RadioHammer 3DS: I don't want to go into full detail about this game here, because I actually wrote a decent post about it when I completed it this year. Its just a super fun rhythm game, that was easy to catch on and thoroughly enjoyable. I really push Tiny Cartridge anyway I can, not because they pay me or anything, but just because they are so informative when it comes to both mainstream and indie handheld games, and its awesome, to be so well informed.

Tomb Raider PS4: When I was younger I can remember playing Tomb Raider for the Playstation and it was a fun time. But this edition for the PS4 has just surpassed everything that I remember. My heart jumps when something crazy happens, I breathe shallowly as I creep through the jungle and I jump right before I have to kill an animal, the game is so flipping life-like. My poor little ticker just can't handle the stress, but I had SO SO much fun playing it. Once I get my studio set up in the new house I will definitely be playing a lot of PS4 games next year!

Sailor Moon Drops (Phone): Special Mention. I generally don't blog about phone games, but I have spent some serious play hours on this game. I can play it pretty much anywhere as long as my phone stays charged, and I am loving the nostalgia of seeing all of my favorite characters again as I do one of my favorite things ever, complete puzzle challenges.

What are some games that you guys are loving this year? Lets chat about it on twitter. 

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November Favorites

Hey Gang!

 I know this probably a little late in the month to be doing favorites, but I say, who CARES?! I wanna tell you about all the things and events that I loved last month so here it goes.

Upgrading to a NEW 3DS. Even though, the circumstances surrounding the purchase are a little sad.  See this video. I am very excited to be able to keep playing my games, and being prepared for anything new that comes my way. Plus, even I have to admit, that the new one looks pretty badass.

Surviving my 2nd season. I am a child photographer. I photograph children from Infants to 5 years old. It is a stressful and yet very rewarding job. This was my 2nd season, and I was hired in the middle of my first season, so I didn't really get all of the stress that my fellow photographers had. This season I worked from beginning to end, and I am very very proud of myself.

-  Reaching Ch. 5 in Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney. I have had this game for a while now. I'm not sure if everyone plays games the way I do, but basically I'll choose the game I want to play and I'll play it until I get stuck. Then I take a break and try it again later, that happens quite a bit with Professor Layton games. It makes it very difficult for me to actually move through my backlog, BUT it gives me lots of room to slide in new games.

Getting my Wild hair back!

 I missed having colored hair so so so much! Its not that my jobs disprove of it or anything, it just gets hot sitting on top of my head in the summer, so I don't do it, and then this thing called bills got in the way, and by the time I realized it, it was already almost the end of the year. This color is called Emerald, I think I might try a purple next time.

- Reviving the Youtube. I feel like this is a favorite every couple of months. December is definitely the month for my youtube. Not only am I uploading often, but also writing about it on the blog, and I'm doing much better with actually getting. Reviving the Youtube.  I feel like this is a favorite every couple of months. December is definitely the month for my youtube, not only uploading often, but also writing about it on the blog, and I'm doing much better with actually getting the word out that I even have a youtube channel, because surprisingly, not a lot of people know about it. I even made a new header!

What are some of your favorite things for November? Lets talk about it on Twitter !

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A letter to Santa Claus

Hey Gang!

Dear Santa,

 I thought I would write this small post to you. I want to thank you for the wonderful things that you have brought me over the years. We have shared a wonderful 24 years together. This year, I want something a little different. If possible Santa, could we possibly talk about Politics? Can we talk about Reproductive rights? Can we talk about how to handle Trump? I have a super small list of things I want for Christmas this year Santa. It's okay if you can't get them to me by Christmas Day, only if you promise you'll work on it a little bit every year. Okay, here it goes.

- Reproductive Right Overhauls in policy.  We have the right to our bodies, I don't need politics interefering with my reproductive rights. I don't need men who don't seem to understand the definition and the effects of rape, deciding what I can and can't do with my body. If you could keep all abortion bans out of the senate that would be awesome. Also, if you could just send A lot of coal to the representatives voting into law things like there should be burials and funerals for fetal remains after abortions, that would be AMAZEBALLS.

- Explaining to Trump what makes him Racist. If you could just send a couple of elves down to his bedroom, perhaps the ghost of Christmas Past, to sit next to him and explain how his presidency could potentially misplace thousands of humans. How his "policies" could be dangerous for people of color, for people who are non-binary, or people who have a different sexual orientation from him. So if you could just stop by every couple of days to explain that to him, that would be pretty great.

- If you could train Elves to test Rape kits. At this moment there are thousands of Rape Kits around America alone that are untested. Would it be possible to get a few of your elves to help with the backlog. I mean they only create toys one week a year right? So technically they could be borrowed to help out with the massive backlog? There are tons of women and men, who are waiting on results and justice, and I would just love for this to be a thing.

 I'm pretty sure that these are the only things that I want for Christmas. Thanks for listening to me.

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