Favorite Content Creators of 2017

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 Welcome to the last blog post of 2017. I know, I can't believe I just typed that either. As a blogger, you draw inspiration from lots of things, and you want to create some of the best content you can. I thought it would be fun to tell you about a few of my favorite content creators this year, just because they are awesome, and I want you to love them too! 

 Jerianie : A Finnish illustrator, who creates absolutely adorable outfit of the day posts, and her photography skills are amazing!


SaintJJune : An artist and model, who creates breathtaking portraits. I'm addicted to her Instagram stories and her feed. The images she does with Rachel are amazing. 


King Jvpes : A film enthusiast. He creates youtube videos about film, film photography and vlogs about where he goes to shoot his street photography. His videos are amazing. I've seen almost all of them more than once. If you like film, you'll like his stuff. He and Wild We Roam inspired me to really get into film photography. I already had the cameras, but now I'm actually using them. 


CatGuts: I've written about Chloe before. Her videos are so aesthetically pleasing, and the perfect mix of morbid and adorable. She's a mortician, and she creates some beautiful videos. 


Frannerd : Fran is an illustrator. Her art is amazing and adorable, and I love how informational her videos are, and there's just a great peek into her creative process.


EmmmaBooks : I discovered Booktube thanks to Emma. I love how energetic she is in all of her videos, and they're so informational with what books are coming out, and what she is loving. 


Furry Little Peach : An Austrailian illustrator, her studio vlogs are the greatest. I just really love seeing creators create, especially in their own element, there's just something so calming and inspiring about it.


Wild We Roam : A married couple who moved from New York to Germany and takes beautiful portraits. They mostly do videos about film photography and exploring their new city, and the videos are pretty awesome. 


Anarkee : an adorable beauty youtube. I love how fresh she is. Her style is awesome, and I love finding other content creators that look like me. 

it's anarke.jpg

Fumbledork : The Blogger behind Infinity Jules and host of the Round Table Podcasters Podcast. She's Star Wars obsessed, but I love finding other geek fashion bloggers, and her posts are adorable, geeky and thought-provoking. 


Who are some of your favorite creators? Let's Chat about it on Twitter!

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Series #45 Favorite Television Shows of 2017

 Hey Gang!

 2017, had me watching quite a few television programs. I got vintage shows on Hulu or Netflix that I had heard of and finally be able to watch them in their entirety. Binge-watching Television is literally one of my favorite things to do, so putting together list posts like this, is always a win-win. Here are my Fave shows of 2017.

- Riverdale S1: I've been talking about Riverdale since before it premiered! I love everything about this show! My favorite three things about the show is that it's a mystery and EVERYONE looks GUILTY!!! You guys know I can't resist a mystery. I am absolutely loving that Josie and The Pussycats is all Black Women! Even when it wasn't, it was still Women of Color.  I AM SO IN LOVE WITH BROODING JUGHEAD! His sarcasm and references are life! If you haven't seen it yet, the entire first season is on Netflix, and it's so worth it. If you want to know more, read my season one post. 


- The Bold Type S1: This show was such a breath of fair air. Following the writers that attempted to turn Cosmo into a more feminist Magazine, you see the trials, tribulations and the hardships that came with that adventure. My favorite Character was kat, but Sutton was a close Second. I love that show was just honest. Showed you how hard it was too move departments, showed how difficult it would be to try new things, and how Magazines gathered Data for their quizzes, and other advice columns. 


- Midnight, Texas S1: Another show brought to us by the writers of True Blood, I was immediately interested. Texas was in the title, but I counted three black women in the promo poster, I was intrigued! You follow a "charlatan" Psychic, who travels in a van and is running from some very bad people. His dead grandmother's ghost is attached to the van, and tells him he'll be safe in Midnight. However, Hell has other plans, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves and more inhabit Midnight, it is a special place for the supernatural *ahem, Hellmouth* if you will. 


- Pretty Little Liars Finale: I definitely won't go into detail here, because it will just get me all worked up again. If you are super interested in the whole feels, I wrote an entire post about the Finale. Yep, An entire post on one episode. I am just so sad that it's over, I'm glad that Riverdale stepped in to fill the mystery shoes, but I'm going to need showrunners, to get on making more. I need more Mystery television in my life! 


- Young and Hungry S1-S3: I'm generally not a comedy kind of gal. What I find funny, and what most other people find funny generally doesn't correlate. However, Young and Hungry really took me by surprise. Sophia is definitely my favorite character, and I can't wait for the next season of Hi-jinks. 


- Dear White People S1: When the film came out a couple of years ago, I could not wait to go see it in theaters. I was so sad that was all there was going to be, then earlier this year, I saw an ad for it on Netflix, and I was so flippin' excited. It was a lot more hands-on than I was expecting, but I absolutely loved every episode. I need to know what's going to happen with Gabe and Sam, Lionel and Silvio. I want to know what will change now that his son has been in that predicament. I want a whole 'nother season!!! If you haven't watched it, the whole season is on Netflix.


- Voltron: Legendary Defender S1: I wasn't a huge fan of Voltron when I was younger, but that is the awesome part of a reboot when it comes to cartoons. It helps introduce a new audience to something that they may not have experienced. If you haven't watched this series yet, please give it ago, All three seasons are on Netflix, and my favorite character is Pidge. Dressing like a boy to get into an elite school and help find her missing father and brother, she and four others, discover lions that when connected together create the Mighty Voltron. A force of Hope against the intergalactic battle of Good and Evil with the Galrans led by Lord Zarkon. 


- Dark Shadows S1: I remember watching re-runs of this on WGN when I was younger with my grandmother and my uncle. I came across it on Hulu a couple of months ago and not only do they have the entire original black and white series but the reboot and the revival series! The story revolves around Barnabas Collins who comes back to meet the more modern lineage of his family. Barnabas's character is alluded to be a Vampire, and there are other supernatural phenomena happening as well. Considered the longest lasting Gothic Drama on Television, It is something I've always been enjoying. I highly recommend. 


- Drak Pack: I wasn't sure how I had missed this cartoon before, but I came across it, and I was addicted! It is the most cheesiest piece of animation I think I have ever seen and I am living for it. When I first found it I wasn't sure I was going to like it because the art wasn't great, but then I came across the theme song, and I KNEW after they said "O.G.R.E., The Organization of Rotten Enterprises", I know I was going to be hooked. 


What TV Did you Love in 2017? Let's Fangirl about it on Twitter!

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Cinema #33: Favorite Movies of 2017

 Hi Gang!

  The end of the year is really coming up fast! I can't believe it's Christmas already! Merry Christmas if you celebrate. I thought it would be fun to start the week by ranting about my favorite films of 2017. I won't go into too much detail because a lot of these movies I've talked about at some point throughout the year. Without further ado, here are my favorite films of 2017. 

 - Lupin: Castle Of Cagliostro: Even though this movie just celebrated it's 39 anniversary with a theater re-release, it was the first time I had ever seen it. It was Miyazaki's Directorial Debut, and it's completely different from the lecherous master thief that we've come to know and love. I have a whole post about it, but I loved the unique take on Lupin and the Gang, and the animation was absolutely breathtaking, and it's a classic that has survived the decades. 


- Kingsman Golden Circle: I don't think I need to go into how much I loved Golden Circle. I'm pretty sure I've been gushing about it since I went to go see it in theaters. I really do think it surpassed the original, and there are very few films I can say that about. I'm really hoping there will be a third. 

Kingsman orange.png

- My Little Pony: I've written a post about why you should watch the reboot cartoon, and I've also written a post about the film. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS FILM! The animation was top notch, there were redeemable characters, Twilight Sparkle had a crisis of character and I loved every minute of it. 


- Baby Driver: I didn't really write about Baby Driver. It definitely isn't the kind of film, I would normally go see, but something about it aesthetically pulled me in, and then once I was there I was hooked. I loved the stunts, the different cars, all the awesome music, and the underlying romance of it all. Definitely, a film I want to add to the collection. 


- Wonder Woman: I didn't write about Wonder Woman either, but then again did I really need too? I felt so alive after seeing Wonder Woman on screen, and I'm honestly not even a huge fan of hers. I absolutely loved the movie and I left the theater with a new love and respect for the character. Definitely could have used more Ladies of Color (Fight me!) but I was quite a fan of Chris Pine, and once I got over the initial shock of Remus Lupin being a bad guy, I knew this film would have to join the collection. Dr. Poison was a pretty bad ass villain as well. 


- Devotion Of Suspect X: There's a whole post dedicated to this film. So I won't fangirl on you, but if you haven't seen it, go watch it. An amazingly intricate murder mystery where the villain may surprise you. Galileo definitely does not disappoint, and the film is visually stunning. Chinese Audio with English Subtitles though. You're welcome.


- Sailor Moon R: I debated about putting this film on the list, because I had seen it countless times before this year, and it wasn't a favorite then. I think it belongs on the list because of the amazing opportunity to see anime in theaters and on the big screen. Sure the film wasn't totally new, but there were some scenes that were changed, it had a new audio dub, an animated short, and an interview that wasn't there before. With the nostalgia hitting me so hard I cried through half of the film, it's no wonder it snuck its way onto this list anyhow. 

- Batman and Harley: I was very surprised by this film. I didn't think I was going to like it at all. Batman and Harley? Why would you bother? I'm not a huge fan of Harley either, but she's become pretty big news in the last year or two. I'm happy to say that I was completely wrong and absolutely loved it. I loved the art, I loved the indirect Adult Humor that flooded this film, I love that Harls and Dick have a tickle war, and Swamp Thing? Absolutely Epic. If you haven't seen it yet, Do yourself a favor. You won't regret it. 


- Spiderman: Homecoming: I know I recently wrote about my issues with the film. However, other than Amazing Spiderman, I think it may be my favorite rendition of Peter Parker. I know it's not the most popular opinion, but I really loved the diversity and the fact that it wasn't yet ANOTHER ORIGIN STORY. Everyone knows the origin story of Peter Parker, just like with Batman, you don't need to run through it again. The fact that the film started right after Civil War, probably cinches it, because Civil War is my favorite Marvel Film. 


- Thor: Ragnarok: I know I just said Civil War is my favorite Marvel Film, but this Thor comes in at a close second. I was never a fan of Thor before, mostly because I just don't get it. I mean he's a god, what's the point? I think the thing that really cinched me going to see it was Valkyrie, and once I was there, Valkyrie and Hela kept me there. I really wanted more of both, and as Hela is literally the goddess of Death, I definitely expected more, but...Baby Steps, I guess.  


What are your favorite films? Let's Chat about it on Twitter!

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Series #1: Where oh where could my Blonde PI BE??????

 Let me Tell You a little bit about Veronica Mars. She's a teenage detective, the daughter of the city P.I. She gets into quite a lot of mysteries and scapes going to Neptune High, where classes battle it out in the war of the Haves and the Have nots. I own the entire series on DVD and it was the first season I bought.  It only lasted three seasons. It was confirmed to have a movie, in an article dated 2009. 

  I miss her. Veronica Mars was smart and witty. She was a character that I looked up to when all we had was shows like Roswell.

And I have yet to see another television program do what Veronica Mars has done. Gossip girl only shows that rich white people can get away with murder and cover it up *ahem-Serena*.

 Vampire Diaries is amazing in a love sick puppy kind of way. It's just like Twilight. Granted, at least they know, that Vampire's don't sparkle and they have to have permission to enter, but even they have stayed on the feminine model path. It seems like Elana is dependent on Stephan. That no matter what he does, like leave her *Cough-Edward*

She'll sit there like a doll and wait for him to return to her.

 If he'll leave you once, he'll leave you again. That goes for Edward and Stephan. What happened to women that didn't need a man to make them whole? What happened to characters like Veronica?


Like the main character in Blood Ties?

 Like Anita Blake?  Vicki Nelson? Where are those women?? Come out of hiding! We need you! 

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Novels #19: Favorite Books of 2017

Hey Gang!

  With the help of Booktubers and Goodreads, I restored my love of reading this year. I was very excited to get great recommendations for novels that I hadn't even heard of or even just old favorites. I was just so excited about reading again. What better way to show my love than to tell you about my favorite Titles of the year. This post will include comics and novels.


- A Study in Charlotte Brittany Cavallaro: My First Mystery of the year. When I heard it was a retelling of Sherlock Holmes, I was intrigued, when I found out that Holmes isn't Sherlock but Charlotte and that it was based in modern times, I was sold. I thoroughly enjoyed how Cavallaro connected all the pieces fans know and love like the Moriarty's and wound a fresh new story, well, I haven't stopped recommending it since I finished it. 

- Moonstruck : I had the awesome opportunity to interview the writer Ellis, and let me just say that this comic did not disappoint. I love how adorable and bright it is, along with the awesome inclusion of every supernatural creature you can think of. 

- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : All I can really say is DUH! I don't think I've stopped talking about Chilling Adventures since it came out. It's got a whole Video dedicated to it, and it's own review post, along with the fact that it got picked up for a two-season series on Netflix, I can't wait for 2018! My favorite Characters are Ambrose and Sabrina and I can;t wait to see what Happens once the Spellman's realize that Edward is back. 

- Basil of Baker Street Eve Titus : I fell in love with the movie but didn't realize it was a novel series until I joined Goodreads. I've read four out of five, and although you can tell they were written in a different time, you still love Basil. I'm particularly fond of the illustrations that accompany them.


- Murder on Ice #3 Carolyn Keene : I made it my mission to go through the Nancy Drew Series. I came across this gem while searching for the Bungalow mystery. Murder on Ice is part of the Nancy Series that takes place in 80's. I love it because it just feels more modern. Nancy and Ned argue, there's jealousy, there's murder. It's right up my alley. 

- Someone Must Die Sharon Potts: This novel really surprised me, I won't get too much into it because I write about it in this post, but it definitely deserves a read. You follow along as Aubrey's Nephew is kidnapped and while you are trying to save him, you discover a dark secret about Aubrey's parents. 

- The perfect Ex Husband  Lisa Gardner: The 2nd Adult book I've read this year. You guys know I love a mystery, and Gardner is a dutchess of deduction. This novel kept me on the edge of my seat all the way up until the end. A Wife turns up at a ranch to learn self-defense, and from there the story just goes wild. There's a hunt for a serial killer, more people are murdered, and entire police departments get the runaround, definitely recommend. 

- The Unstoppable Wasp: My favorite thing about this series is the love and representation of women and girls in stem. I felt that the female scientists of Marvel were finally getting the love that they deserved. The First issue featured Mockingbird, my favorite scientist and I absolutely loved that issue. I also love all of Wasps team ups!

- Motor Crush: Written, and drawn by the Dream Team; Fletcher, Tarr and Stewart, How could I not love it! The Story has lots of great art, and a decent amount of inclusivity with the race of their characters along with sexual orientations. With the great job they did with Batgirl, I was very excited to follow them into a new adventure.


- America: I think America is the best thing Marvel has put out since Mockingbird and Silk. The leader of the ultimates, and just an all around bad ass character, I was so excited when she got her own solo title. After saving the world several times, Becoming the leader of the Ultimates, what's there left to do but go to College? My favorite thing about this title, is its inclusivity! I can't remember the last time I saw that many Black and Brown characters in a title, without the word Black in the title. 


What are some of your Favorite Titles of 2017? Let's #fangirl about it on Twitter!

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Spokhette On Youtube #63: Weekly Vlog #1

 Hi Gang,

  I've definitely been trying to figure out how to get more content on my youtube channel. I plan on doing a lot more in 2018, but I have found out that weekly vlogs are so easy for me. I'm already bringing my camera with me everytime I leave the house, why not film while I am out? These videos will follow a Sunday schedule, and they'll be released on Thursdays! 


 I visited a specialty camera store and got my Pentax K1000 loaded and they showed me how to operate it, so I've been on a Film photography kick. You'll see more in next weeks video but it's awesome! 

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