Developed #3


  I'm starting to get the hang of this updating two blogs semi often thing. I'm talking about more film prints! Here are a few of my favorites. 


 This particular session was filled with architechture as usual. The first photo is one of my favorites, because the house reminds me of hobbiton. It makes my nerdy heart happy. I have been drooling over the third picture, becuase it is a boarded up abandoned house that you can see from the highway, and I've been wanting to pull over and photograph it for a really long time, and I finally got the opportunity to do so. 

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Developed #2


  It's been a while, life kind of had other ideas for my time, Today, i'm going to be talking about a few of the film prints I've taken since May. Which was my last post. Here are some of my favorites.


 Due to a traffic jam, I had to take a different new way to work and I just found so many interesting pieces of architecture. The very first shot, is Q, my best friends little boy, and he is the most precious thing ever! I was so happy to be able to capture him on film. 

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Witchy Vibes


  I took my cousin Bri out for some modeling! I am so excited that people are modeling for me now, so i get to do all kinds of different photography. We did Day and Night Photography, but the Night photos will be in another post. I told her to dress witchy because I was going to try out smoke bombs for the first time, but Walmart let me down. So I armed her with my Snape replica wand, and we headed out in search for awesome places to photograph!

 We happened upon a man made lake, and there was this awesome wooden bridge so I decided to take the photos there, It was starting to drizzle so we pulled out an umbrella and I got some adorable ones of those as well. I didn't really have a theme for these shots, so I just like to think of them having a witchy vibe. I shot these photos digitally, with a 35-80mm lens on a Canon 70D. 


  I was really excited about these shots and wanted to tell ya a little bit about them! 

Find more photos on my Instagram!

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Edited #1: My Favorites From Easter


  I finished editing my easter portraits for my friend Robin a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites. I'm trying to do more in terms of portraiture, and editing skills. So every time, I finish photos for a client, or from a shoot, I'll put them up here, only my faves though! 

1 (2).jpg

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Developed #1


 I had a rather productive two weeks of film photography and had five rolls of film to turn in. I love scanning in the prints so I can have copies in case something happens. I want to use the blog to show off my film work. I don't really get to do a lot with it, since it's just a hobby, but I love how some of them turn out so that's what these posts will be about. 

 Here are a couple of my favorites. I shoot with a Pentax K1000 and 35mm lens, I have a 50 mm lens coming which I am OH so excited about! I'm hoping to do portraits with that one. I've put out a call for film portraits so hopefully someone will answer. 


 I'm going shooting this weekend with my friend Sheneal, so hopefully, I'll be able to get through a couple of rolls of film on our adventure! 

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Hoppy Easter!


 I had the awesome opportunity to photography my friend Robin's family. Every year the entire family comes out to a park in the city and I do group pictures and individuals. It's one of my favorite annual photography shoots. I don't get to photograph a lot of people so it's always a blast when the opportunity rolls around. 


I was halfway through a 400 ISO Kodak Gold Film roll when I arrived so I finished it off with the Gazebo, the beautiful fountain, and close-ups of some of the floral and berries. Since flowers have started blooming, walks through parks have become a lot more fun to photograph. This one is my favorite. 

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